Photo101 – Landscape

These are some recent shots taken down at Flinders, Victoria, Even though for the most part I was happy with the overall feel of the image, I felt that some had more impact and drama when up close. The first two, I did not line up the shot as well as I should have, I was so busy lining up the beach and sand and hills in the distance and did not even notice the boat I chopped in half! Newbie mistake, anyway I was much happier once I cropped out the 1/2 boat and lost some of the sky, I thought it was a bit overwhelming in the original image. I used to Zoom into everything, now I generally tend to take in the bigger picture, I can always crop if I decide to.

I always seem to have the horizon in the middle, even though I am actively thinking about composition and rule of thirds, I then get home and see that I still have that damn horizon line smack bang in the middle of the picture. Sometimes it works other times it is just too damn distracting!! Oh the pain of a newbie! lol

P.S. how long can I get away with proclaiming myself a Newbie? lol

– Julz