My Town

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “We Built This City.”

What do you love most about the city / town / place that you live in? What do you like the least about it? If you were mayor, what would be the most important problem you’d tackle? How would you tackle it?

I have written a few posts about my Local town and my city, but perhaps I could expand on that a little. In live in the SE Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Melbourne is considered the heart of Sport, Culture, Fashion, Art etc etc In Australia. Some may debate this. I am not really a big one for Sport or fashion as such, but I do love the Arts, Culture and Food. Melbourne is not an old city by world standards, we are a relatively young country, when compared to USA or especially UK and Europe. As such we are evolving, we used to be more young hooligan adolescents as a Country in general, the annoying little brother. I think as a country we have grown up, we are mostly perfectly respectable, sensible young adults. We work hard and pay our bills (so to speak), but we still play hard.

Australia and in particular, Melbourne is a vast melting pot of global culture, from the 1920s through to current day. We have so many different nationalities living here, and don’t get me wrong we certainly have our issues with that, but in general it makes for a very interesting ebb and flow. We have grown up with these diverse changes and are usually happy to take new things on board, whether that be food, art, music, culture. This diversity makes us Melbourne, with our various festivals for celebrating our differences. Our city is not the prettiest city, it is not the oldest, it is not the biggest, tallest etc. we still have a unique distinct flavor.

Now locally we have a lot to offer (Narre on Next to Nicks), not so much of a melting pot as such, although the whole city of Casey is getting that way now. We used to be considered Rural or Country (read some of our history here), it is now just an extension suburb of Melbourne (even if we over 40 Kms away). I love my area, it is quiet, yet has just about everything we need. There is plenty to do and we have our own rich history and culture. There are lots of parks and sporting areas, great places to walk the dogs, close to the Dandenong Ranges and not too far from the beach. We still have our Farmers Markets and Year Agricultural Show, as well as surrounding areas like Dandenong and Cranbourne. Our public transport is passable, not that I ever use it. As far as the kids go, well some say there is not much for the youth to do?? I say they are wrong, I brought my 2 children up in this area and they never lacked for anything to do. They were heavily into sport and played with local clubs, they were involved with after school activities of all sorts, honestly thinking back on all that driving around, makes me exhausted! I say the teenagers of today, if they cannot ‘find’ anything to do should only blame themselves, get involved in your local community or spend more time on your study. My children (now adults) and their friends never got into any trouble and always had lots to do, just the weekend get together for BBQ or games nights at our house were always lots of fun and laughter.

There is something I would like changed and that is these youths who claim ‘there is nothing to do’ . Seriously since when did we owe them anything? What have they contributed to society? They drop out of school, they drop out of the community and demand hand outs. Sure there is a job shortage, I will admit to that, but surely there are other things you could do apart from destroying local property, tagging house, cars, fences and houses. Breaking into local schools and business just for fun. It’s not an epidemic in our local area, but within our Greater City limits it is getting worse. Surely there is something that can be done?

Anyway that is my wine for today!

– Julz