Ghost Writer

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”

If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?


I must admit, this one is intriguing! A Ghost Writer (Living or Dead) some are not traditional Authors per say; Robyn Williams or  Billy Connolly, but then there is Terry Pratchett, David Eddings, & Stephen King? Would I want something funny, sad, imaginative or spooky? Is it possible to have a mix? Different authors trying to catch the essence of me? To write about the inner workings of my mind and the different phases of my life?

There are various times in my life all these different types of writing styles could have been applied. My childhood was filled with imagination – Terry Pratchett could have made my heart soar if his books were around when I was a child. I would love to have him write about my childhood. I am sure it would be filled with wonder and amusement. I was mostly a wild eyed child who was much loved, but filled with adventure and imagination. I got up to lots of mischief (none of it really bad), and was very, very cheeky.

My teenagers years, filled with angst and shyness. I changed from that cheeky little kid into a shy, introverted teenager almost overnight. Robyn Williams would understand some of that angst I am sure. The creative genius who felt everything on the inside and hardly ever showed it externally. He drank too much and partook of other substances he should not have. He made people laugh, while on the inside he was crying. At some level I felt his pain, not to such extremes, but I understood it. I was awkward, shy and thought no one understood me. I was not the class clown and usually stayed on my own.

David Eddings could write about my Young Adulthood, filled with thoughts of love, home and children. I know that probably seems strange to people who have read his books, but think about the families he creates in his books. It not all mushy gushy love stuff, it is warmth and belonging and true friendship. He would understand my early adulthood, falling in love, getting married, starting out. My hopes and dreams for the future. Battles hard fought and won for house and children. Adventures we shared, big and small. He could write about it with such devotion and yearning, with warmth and humor.

Nothing says Middle Age better than Billy Connolly. This funny man would turn my most mundane days into a laugh a minute, regaling tales and making them seem laudable even to me. He takes the mundane and makes it interesting, not that my life is really all that dull, it’s just that sometimes I think back over my life and see that I have not accomplished all that much. We are now, have the time of our lives. Back when I was 20,  40+ was so old. I would never have believed that My Life Part 2 was just starting. Our whole life is one big adventure and we are living each day as it comes and seeing everything in a new light. We just have to hang on and enjoy the ride.

Like I just said, when I was 20, 40+ seemed so old. Now I am nearly 50 I know I am not old and Old Age to me would be 80+….still 30 odd years in the future. Would I live that long or longer? Stephen King, the man of mystery, thrillers and horror stories would be the man to write me into my old age, I am not afraid of getting older as much as I am getting frailer, falling apart and losing my mind. The aches and pains are already there, mostly from an adventure filled youth and way to much damage when I had no thought of the future repercussions. I look at my parents and their health issues – that’s a future that scares me more than Salem’s Lot or Carrie! If I could live till I’m 80 and not drive people nuts by telling the same story over and over. Or turning into a hypochondriac. All conversation consists of what doctors visits and appointments I have coming up, not to mention the constant conversation of…’do you remember Such and Such? Well he/she died last week and I have a funeral tomorrow.’ I would hate to think of saying goodbye to all my friends. I would be happy if I still had most of my health and faculties. If I could still get out and about……….then I say bring it on, but if I am stuck in the house, blabbering like an idiot……..let me get off the bus before then!


– Julz