Photo101 – Glass

Today’s theme for Photo101 is Glass, I have been going through some old photos to find something with Glass……….I know I should be taking new photos for this challenge, but frankly I just don’t have the time with everything that is going on. The photos aren’t the hard part it’s the editing and post! I think I have a problem, I’m addicted to the Post Processing……..maybe I should write a post on that? But now for the glass –

Arrowtown, NZ
Stained Glass Window from a Church
Arrowtown, NZ
Old style Advertising on a Pub Glass Window + its reflection
Welcome home through the front window

This is my Glass post from last time, I actually still like the glasses, I think it is quite clever, even if a bit rustic! (Not so sure about the water over/ through the window).

– Julz