If Flies could bitch slap

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?

I was just witnessed externally via Facebook the most ridiculous conversation, I assume which could be seen as Trolling. I have heard about trolling and seen it sort of randomly done, but this was nasty and viscous and I normally do not butt in on conversation that have nothing to do with me personally, but how I wanted to.

It was a vent or rant if you will from a young mother I know who has been through the wars lately…….one of those months when if anything could go wrong, everything did. She had a sick kid and a sick cat, both requiring hospitalization. Anyway both are now out and doing really well, which is nice to know. However the child (not even 2 yet) has decided that the poor recovering cat needs to be severely annoyed! Poor pussy cat. Well despite Mum’s best efforts to keep the two separated the kid keeps annoying the cat and as they often do, cat scratched back – not badly , just a scratched earlobe. Anyway to cut this story short this poor frazzled Mum vented on Facebook and called her son a silly twit for not leaving the poor cat alone.

What came next was not only shocking and uncalled for, but disgusting. Some woman…………I have no idea who she was, accused this poor young Mum of abuse and child neglect and gave her a mouth full! It left poor young mum in such a state trying to explain to some unknown woman she was basically just venting and loved both her child and cat and was just frustrated. This woman would not let up and just kept going and going! I was I had been a fly on her wall I would have bitch slapped her stupid face! This poor Mum who I have known since she was less than 2 years old has been through hell and back and snapped over a little thing like a cat scratch.

Any woman or mother worth her salt has had to deal with all sorts of crap and you know that even if you love your child unconditionally they still do dumb stuff……….accidents happen. The big stuff (hopefully this doesn’t happen often) you learn to deal with. It’s the stupid little stuff that usually puts us over the edge. And we may call our child silly, or dumbass, or even twit, it does not mean we don’t love them, it is not abuse if we gently pick them off the floor and rub that banged knee, or gentle blow on a scratch and lovingly call them silly. It’s not abuse to rant on Social Media. Abuse is bashing them, or not not feeding them, or verbal abuse (and I don’t mean just calling them a silly twit I mean real verbal abuse), exposing them to people or substances which could cause them harm.

Who the hell did this woman think she was? She kept saying this woman was a bad Mum and should treat her child better, get rid of the cat, lock the cat up, not call her son names and be abusive (how any of that is abusive is beyond me, the kid was a silly twit for annoying the cat). What happened next was amazing……………..people from all over the place supported my young mum, and told her she was a good mum (and cat owner) and this woman should butt out of things that have nothing to do with her. She did not know the family, she did not know the mum and her battles. The words of love and support from all sorts of people was inspiring. There is GOOD out there. Posts of sympathy and understanding from other Mums was all other Facebook.

However I still wish I could have spoken to this deranged woman and told her to butt out – Face to Face, not that my young Mum needed defending, she was holding her own………..but there was just NO NEED! Seriously. Sure some people may say if you don’t want a response, don’t put it on Facebook, but that was just it she wanted a response………….of support and understanding for a frustrated young mum with a kid who did something dumb! She did not ask for an abusive rant from some lunatic making her doubt herself and her mothering capabilities.

Anyway it set off my day badly and now I have had a rant……….hopefully I do not get any deranged responses!

– Julz