In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”

If you have read any of today’s post you would know I am having a crappy day! SO I am going to take a step back and visit my happy place…….it is also one of the most surreal experiences I have had for a very long time.


I went with Moth not so long ago………..it was beautiful and nostalgic and very, very surreal.

To stand in front of the Gate where Frodo met Gandalf the day of Bilbo’s big party. To stand in front of Bilbo’s house, to walk the paths Sam and Pippin walked and stand next to the big tree, where the party was shot. Thinking back on it now, makes me calmer. The sun of my face, the excitement, even the taste of the cider at the Green Dragon Inn. It was a special place (I guess it still is…..it’s just that I am not there!), I will always remember it fondly. The wonder of it all, I am not new to movie magic (I guess these days no one really is), but I was awe struck at the detail and thought that went into this place. It was perfect, every single detail; the gardens (all real, including the market gardens), the upkeep, the hobbit holes (cottages), there is nothing amiss. Fires in hearths, washing on lines, fishing poles in lakes, fruit on trees, honey near beehives, the only thing missing were the Hobbits! if you would like to see more pictures, or hear more on Hobbiton, please feel free to visit my earlier post. For now I think I will go make a cuppa…………take a few deep breaths and deal with the rest of my day, a little more calmly!

– Julz