Third from the Top

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Third From the Top.”Head to “Blogs I Follow” in the Reader. Scroll down to the third post in the list. Take the third sentence in the post, and work it into your own.

More dreams than they had will to realize them, at least my grandfather.


Random, yet interesting topic for today’s daily post. So what does this line mean? It’s an excerpt on the writer Karl Ove Knausgaar and the working ethic in USA. But to weave it into my own post.

Maybe I will tell of my parents, something I have not really done here before. I guess start at the start. My parents were both adventurers when they met, they had lived through WW2 as children and had escaped largely unmarked. They were Baby Boomers and had the world at their feet. My Mother was a graphic artist and my father a plumber, humble beginnings, but this was just what paid for their adventures. They travel all around Australia, Snow Skiing was their passion back then, as well as what past for scuba diving in those days. They were married and young and in love, but the still had more dreams than they had will to realize them, least my grandfather, who was in turn inspired by my parents antics to once again taken up adventuring himself. My Mothers Parents had been great travelers in their youth, but life, home and children got in the foreground and pushed the travels back until their later years. As is often the case.

For some reason it never really stopped my parents. As children we were taken, albeit dragged half way round the world. What a wonderful childhood you say! And yes it was, what I can remember of it. I spent a year in Britain and Europe, yet I can only remember glimpses and feelings, occasional outings. Somethings just did not register and I wish they had. My parents went to the Louvre – I sat in the camper van reading comic books!! We wandered the Colosseum in Rome, I vaguely remember something about cats? I fondly remember Paris and the Eiffel Tower, I remember the Greek Islands with vivid clarity. Perhaps I was too young. This trip spawned my Mother’s career as a Travel Writer and she traveled many places and took up photography (although she did that in Europe – I think I am slightly mixing things up). She saw places, that I could only hope to visit some day. She thinks I got not only my artist talents from her but the travel, writing and photo bug as well……….it just took a little longer in me!

My parents still travel, granted not as far as they used to. They still talk of places they would like to go back to, there are not many places they have not been. Places they have not visited, they have no interest in going. Not sure why? They now have dreams for the Grandchildren, well in my children. Don’t get me wrong they follow our newly started travel with great enthusiasm as well, it’s just there always seem to be this thing with Grandparents and Grandchildren? I had it with my Grandmother as well. They sit back and live vicariously through the youth of their Grandchildren and have no judgements nor harsh words. The Children loved the attention when they were young, but now they are adults they are losing a little of that patience the young have for the old and vice versa.

I have some more tales from our travels back then, funny little anecdotes on traveling Europe as a 10 year old with parents in an old combie camper van and no money! My mother used to make me write in a journal everyday….I think I still have it somewhere. Maybe I can dig it out and start a new post with it?

– Julz