Photo101 – Triumph

Sometimes it are the little things that are triumphant, that really make a big difference. Not everything is about the Big Things in life. And if nothing else Triumph is intensely personal.

A few weeks ago I was out on a shoot at Cape Schanck, Victoria with some Photographic friends with Social Snappers. I had commented that I really wanted to learn how to use ND Filters and take some long exposure photos. I had tried my self, but just couldn’t get the hang of it. Under the Guidance of Leanne Cole she walked me through the steps, not really hard once things are explained, I guess. Just need some practice. Anyway after many blurry attempts I was quite happy to product two photos. Not the most exciting to be sure, but they are my personal triumph and I was excited by them.

Cape Schank & Pulpit Rock

Picnic Dinner

If you would like to read more on my ND shoot, you can find it here Using ND Filter for the first time.

My other personal triumph this month was a properly set up studio shoot with a 7y.o girl, 2 large dogs and some snakes. I have not really done much in the way of portrait photography, but was keen to try. I was extremely happy with the final result, as were her parents. I now have a new model for whenever I wish to Play (especially dress up!) For more on Tales from the Photo shoot, read here


Here is my Triumph from last time

So what was your Triumph this month?

– Julz