This and That – Nikon D5300, The Good, The Bad & the Ugly?

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera ReviewNikon-D5300-product-shot-7Last year, after being an Olympus Girl for all my adult life, I switched it up and bought a Nikon DSLR. Don’t get me wrong I have loved all my Olympus cameras and I still use my previous camera at work.  But there were a few things that bugged me and I wont go into them here so much, but I have heard so many great reports and reviews on Nikon, so I thought when I went for a full DSLR I would go Nikon. Now I have owned various digital cameras before but never a DSLR.

I must admit, some of the tech talk I did not fully understand or comprehend, but I thought at the time for my money the D5200 was a great buy, I also thought it was more than it actually was. Now in my wheeling and dealing I managed to upgrade to the D5300 (which is a D5200 with Wi-Fi & GPS – I believe the current version is D5500) for the same price. I thought this was a great bargain, I got the Body and 18-55mm lens kit. I also bought a small bag and a UV Filter and a Macro Lens 50mm. Now the macro I think was my first mistake bought largely on impulse………don’t get me wrong it takes beautiful shots and goes to F1.8, but I wish now I had waited and got something like a 70mm or more, macro lens.


But the Macro lens was not the end of my issues. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my camera and at the time was the most I could afford, I just wish Nikon and some other advertising/marketing material were a bit more explanatory in their advertising of the specs and features of this model.  I thought, mistakenly it was a full frame camera (although at the time I think I was still a little bit confused about WHAT full frame was and this is probably my error and not theirs). Now it was a while before I managed to get the camera off auto! I read books, the manual and played……….A LOT (I guess this is where the ugly comes in, a lot of trial and error, makes for a lot of really bad images! And a few good ones too). Also had a some help from other photographers I met on the WordPress. It’s when I started playing on manual, I began to realize the limitations of my beloved Nikon.

  1. It is NOT Full frame, but that is OK, I just zoom out a little, or stand back a bit. Joking, seriously I was a bit frustrated, but at the end of the day it takes beautiful photos, so I am happy.
  2. The D5300 has auto bracketing feature, I thought this meant if I set to auto bracketing it would take 3,5 or 7, shots on either side of the exposure level (depending on what I set it at) and then let me sort it all out in post – Wrong! It’s auto bracketing and auto editing……………… does it all in the camera and then IT decides the best one. Not really what I had in mind. So when I want to do bracketing I would manually change the exposure setting myself, taken a pic, change again, take a pic, repeat. Guess what I have now given up on bracketing! Next camera.
  3. The 2 second delay on timer shoot. This is REALLY Frustrating, apparently it is a change Nikon made on THIS model I understand why they did it but it is DUMB!!!! Let me explain; So I am doing a shoot of Christmas lights and a I want to set a 2 second delay when I press the shutter release, first shot – great. Then the camera resets and If I want to shoot another with 2 second delay I have to reset the function. See my dilemma? Now all other shooting modes, single, continuous etc stay on until you turn them or the camera off, so why not the 2 second delay? Supposedly people were leaving it on delay and forgetting and then thinking the camera wasn’t working, or something like that – really?
  4. Remote issues, OK so I thought due the 2 second delay issue I will just get a remote shutter release, solve the problem right? I tried apps on my Smart Phone, had the same problem as above, first pic, great. Then I would have to reset everything for the next shot. OK So I bought a cheap Chinese cabled remote, guess what SAME PROBLEM!!! My bad, you get what you pay for, right? In frustration I bought the cabled remote trigger Nikon MADE for this model……………..OH YES!!! SAME BLOODY PROBLEM. I have taken it back to various camera stores and have been told, it’s not a fault but a function and I have to deal with it! Still incredibly frustrating.
  5. For Christmas my family bought me a new lens the Tamron 16-300mm lens, I was so excited and took lots and lots of photos, and then I started edited them all in post. Every single photos was blurry! What? How is that possible, I had auto focus on, I had VR on (when off tripod), I put my kit lens back on and take same shot with perfect clarity. I took the lens back and exchanged and upgraded to the Nikkor 18-200mm. We assume the Tamron lens must have had an issue, I know quite a few people with Tamron and they are all very happy, perhaps I should have swapped and tried another lens, but I must admit I am very happy with my Nikkor.
  6. Continuous shoot, needs to be quicker, not necessarily a fault of the camera, I knew what the speed was when I bought it, just wish now it was faster.

D5300_BK_18_140_LCD_2OK So I have spoken about it’s flaws, what about it’s virtues? Taking all of the above into consideration, I still love this camera. It is fairly light, it takes a beautiful photo, it is easy to use (for the most part)and it is durable (only 6 months old and it has already had a bit of a hard life). I can shoot on Auto with confidence that I will have an almost perfectly exposed shot (which is easily fixed in Post), or I can shoot manually. I like to shoot on Aperture  Priority, or Shutter Priority (Depends on the shot). It has a great range of ISO and will take a good pic at really high ISO too. I can quickly change shoot functions, ISO and various other settings. I can set up Hot Functions keys as well. The LCD is nice and clear, big enough without being too big and it can be moved and swiveled into various positions to take shots at awkward angles…….however the auto focus and shutter speed is a little clunky on Live Mode (apparently this is a live mode issue, not necessarily a model issue).

So If I was to do it all again, would I buy the same model? Good question I suppose I could have paid the extra $400+ and gone up to D7100 range, but apart from the Dual card slots, I really could not see much difference. Would I have spent the extra $800+ and gone for the FX Full Frame camera…….believe me I looked at it, but at the time I just could not have justified the money. Would I go 3 times + the price and go full on like the D810? Looks and sounds very nice……….but it is a lot of money!

And then there is mirror-less, actually not as expensive as I thought, but I l know so very little about them. I do know some people who do use them and swear by them. I would love a simple explanation of the difference (in layman’s terms) and what it could do for my photography. On first glance it appears you can change lens on Cannon, but not Nikon?

So in answer, would I buy the same camera knowing what I know now? Yes, it was the best I could afford at the time, will I buy the same thing again if given that money was not the issue? NO! I would go full tilt and Full Frame FX, but that of course means swapping all my lenses as well. OH if wishes were currency – I would be a VERY rich woman!

– Julz

Victorian Lighthouse & Shipwrecks – Cape Schanck

Firstly I must confess I hit Publish when I should have hit draft, so many thanks to those who enjoyed my unfinished post 🙂

I do not claim to be any sort of expert, but I have been dabbling quite a bit of late into the lighthouses and shipwrecks off Victoria’s Coast. Apparently there is over 680 ship wrecks along Victoria’s Coast, so met with bad weather, human error or foul play [info here]. I have found it fascinating visiting and photographing several lighthouses and a few wrecks. There are 23 Lighthouses along our coast, the oldest is Cape Otway built in 1848 [Info here].

I have barely scratched the surface, but already it has become a bit of a fetish for Moth and myself. It started back before Easter when I visited Cape Schanck Lighthouse and then at Easter when we went to Phillip Island and saw the SS Speke at Kitty Miller Bay [Read post here]. We then saw the SS Ozone at Indented Head, last week out past Geelong. I truly find it fascinating reading about the regions, the wrecks and all the history. So I thought I blog on just about everything else, so why not lighthouses and shipwrecks?

I would love to start at the start of the trail, but I have not been there yet……I will one day. [Melbourne things to do]. So maybe I’ll start where I started?

Cape Schanck

The Cape Schanck Lighthouse was built in 1859 as the second coastal lighthouse in the Australian state of Victoria. It is located on the southernmost tip of the Mornington Peninsula. The tower was built from limestone, it is 21 metres (69 ft) tall. The light’s focal plane is situated 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level, the light characteristic is the Morse Code letter “N”, a long signal of 10.8 seconds followed by a flash. Depending on the bearingof the light, the colours are either white (south to west sector) or red (east sector). Due to its powerful lantern of one million candela and a first order Fresnel lens, which was installed in 1915, the light has a range of 26 nmi (48 km).

The lighthouse was not only one of the first such buildings in Victoria, it was moreover Australia’s first lighthouse tower with stone stairs. During the 1970s and 1980s the facility was restored and has since become an attraction for tourists. Today there is a museum in the old assistants’ quarters. Accommodation is available in the old residences of the lighthouse keeper. 


This was the start of my lighthouse visits (In Australia), but there were no shipwrecks here. This was a very quick photo opportunity and would very much like to go back and see the museum and lighthouse keepers cottages.

– Julz

Autumn Outings – Berwick Classic Car & Bike Show

Putting up my 2nd post for today, trying to catch up on the back log 🙂 These ones go way, way back to Easter, I have been so busy I really haven’t had a chance to get to them. Moth and I went to the Berwick Classic Car & Bike Show on Good Friday. It’s been on for years, but we just never seem to get around to going. This year we finally did. A great morning out, lots of cars and Rock a Billy gear, another side to Life we have not really encountered before. Music, clothes, cars, these people all seemed to know each other, and as I understand it a yearly outing for all club members and their families, from all over Australia. We just wandered around the cars, took photos and enjoyed the sunshine. I’ll let the images speak for them selves, there are a lot, but only a fraction of what was there for the day!

These are a few of my favorites from the day;

I hope you enjoyed a walk on the wild side, we certainly did

– Julz

Wednesday Wanderings – Phillip Island Pt 3

Kitty Miller Bay & SS Speke Ship Wreck

Not far down the coast again from Cape Woolamai (Phillip Island) you will find Kitty Miller Bay, it’s not very well sign posted, but it is worth trying to find it. Again a very picturesque and rugged beach, it is a bit of an effort just to get down to the beach, but there are rock pools with crabs and small fish and interesting things to find. The Surfers all seemed to show up here, despite the dangerous rocky outcroppings, so did the fishermen. If you walk over to the left hand side (more like stumble, part climb and crawl over rocks) you will find a very steep, small track up the side of a steep hill. Please don’t get me wrong I am not the fittest person in the world, but this was a Goat track! Once over the other side of the hill, you will see the wreck of the SS Speke is spread before you (well what’s left of it). It crashed there in 1906 (more info). I did not travel the last few treacherous meters to the bottom (neither did Moth), it looked easy enough to get down, albeit with a broken neck! However I had my 200mm lens so I was content to shoot from up high. Poor Moth carried my backpack and tripod the whole way as well, so I took some more long exposure shots from here as well.

Flynn’s Beach

After our treacherous and exhausting climb to Kitty Miller Bay we headed back into Cowes for lunch and went to a delightful Italian Restaurant (I know, I Know it’s what we always seek out – Blame Moth). We then decided to head back out to see what other wonders we could find. We went to Grossard Point Historical Area, honestly not much there, a really old Grave and some markers, but not much else. The Day before and this morning out at the Cape we passed signs for Flynn’s Beach, we almost didn’t go…surely it was just another surf beach? Especially after our disappointment at Grossard Point, but I said we wont know unless we go. It was beautiful, wide sandy, glistening beaches, wild life and apart from one family playing cricket on the beach, not a soul to be seen. We walked for miles, along this pristine coast, ours were the only foot prints in the sand (apart from birds – the tide had probably washed away all others). There was the remains of a  very old pier some distance along the coast, so we walked out to it for some photos, and then slowly made our way back. We even stopped so I could draw our initials in the sand, I know the waves would reclaim the beach, but romance is not completely lost!

Beach Afterwards we continued along the coast, not much more to tell. Just a few more beaches, but nothing compared to what we had already seen that day.

The next day dawned wet, cold and miserable – it was our last day. There are many things to do at Phillip Island and we certainly did not see them all, even between the 6 of us! But we thought we might try for a few more on the way home. We drove past Amaze ‘n’ things and stopped briefly at The Chocolate Factory (we did not do the tour – very long ques, but we did buy some), we then stopped at Pioneer Bay (mostly swamp and marshes), we then went to Churchill Island (an historical spot and wetlands area), we had a coffee and waited for the weather to clear, but it only got worse. We gave up and went home……we will come back, maybe in the spring. It was a very pretty spot.

– Julz

Tuesday’s Tales from the Shoot – So WHAT kind of Photographer ARE you?

I travel to lots of places and drag along all my camera gear, and I frequently get asked the same lame questions – “Oh, so are you some sort of photographer?” No I just carry it all for my health? Of course I am a photographer! However A Photographer is not a Species, nor are there any Sub Series; Landscapes, Portrait, Time Lapse, Wedding etc, etc.  I suppose if I have a really big fancy camera then I must obviously take really cool pics too? If there are so many people now taking up photography or even phoneography as a hobby, why do we still get asked dumb questions? I guess that is one benefit of phoneography, so many people use their smart phones for happy snaps anyway, it’s considered normal, but pull out a DSLR and I am automatically an alien?


It is then usually followed by “So do you make much money out of it?”  It kind of reminds me of that question as a kid “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” No it’s not my day job, but it’s a hobby I am passionate about, sure occasionally I get paid to do Portraits & Birthdays, but that just helps to pay for other gear. I don’t photograph things to become famous (or rich), I do it because I truly love it. I would be thrilled to make a living off my Landscapes, Seascapes, Portraits, Compilations, Floral etc, etc, etc. I would love to travel the globe looking for the next exciting thing to shoot. I could be coy and say I only do Portraits to pay for my hobby, but the truth is I really enjoy doing Portraits as well, I can’t wait to do a Newborn or a  Wedding, I do not have either of these in my portfolio as yet.

Then you get the other end of this from so called Professional Photographers “Give a someone an expensive camera and they think’s they can call themselves a photographer.” This is also offensive, yes I have a camera, yes I take photographs, there fore, yes I am a Photographer. Do I make lots of money; No. Do I do photography professionally, No not really. Do you have to sell your photos to be considered a Photographer? Are people who take photos on their Smart Phone (iPhone whatever) any less of a photographer because they do not use an SLR? No! There is room in this world for everyone. It does not matter if you take natural photos, family happy snaps, animal photos, deep sea diving photos, fine art photos, compilation, digitization, landscapes, seascapes, creative form, people or anything else. If you take photos and do it often, surely you can you call yourself a photographer? Sure there is Professional, Semi Professional and Amateur you can tack onto that, but in the end it doesn’t matter does it?

Sorry, that’s my rant, but to continue on…………so WHAT kind of photographer are you? Do we need labels? I like to photograph lots of different things, I am sure I am not alone. Often I see a post someone has put on Social Media; WordPress, 500Px, Facebook, Google+ etc, etc and I say WOW, I wonder if I can do something like that – it inspires me to try. I do not want to copy someone else work, I want to put my own spin on it, but I do like to give credit where it’s due.  I do enjoy doing Portraits, but I do like to put a creative spin on them, offer something just a little bit different. I really enjoy animals too, yes even the snakes! One of my favorites would be the beach,  I really enjoy the beach, whether it’s close ups of shells on the sand, waves crashing, rock pools, sea life, I seem to have the connection with the ocean. It’s really very strange, I do not live near the ocean, I do not have a boat, I do not like fishing; but for some reason I feel at peace when I am by the ocean. I will often be found walking along the shoreline, taking photos, pick up shells or driftwood (I always look at them carefully and then put them back – I do not remove them from where I found them), or otherwise looking in rock pools, or sitting on the sand meditating. I do not however lay on the beach sun baking! I stay away when it’s hot. I love to be out on a boat, especially a sail boat; just coasting along, wind and spray on my face. A Sense of pure freedom I cannot seem to get anywhere else. Moth and I have been working our way around the coast of Victoria, short trips here and there, but it has been so enjoyable.

Dandenong Ranges

Dandenong Ranges

I like forests and mountains as well, but not to the same degree. I do not like heights, nor do I feel comfortable at high altitudes, but I do like to look at mountains, especially if they are covered in snow (Discovered that joy in NZ). I love to walk through forests, not long arduous hikes; just gentle strolls, to take in the wonder of fauna and flora, we have lovely native rain forest not far from us and we visit quite often. Especially in summer, there is peace and quiet and coolness in the forest. As I said I do not like to get too high, I feel ‘uncomfortable’ at high altitude; sorry it is difficult to explain, it’s not just the thin air, it’s something else. Mountain air, that is different and wonderful and clean.  In saying that I also enjoy taking photographs of towns, especially old historic towns, they are full of such interesting items and architecture. There are unfortunately not that many in Australia, there are a few, but we are still such a young country, we do not have 100’s or 1000’s of years of history and culture. I can also find interesting things in Big cities, although I must admit, I do not venture into them very often. I like street art and buskers are wonderful entertainment.

When it comes to photography I like still, a little action (I have not really done any sport photography, it is not high on my priority list, but maybe one day), I wish to study astro (night time) photography, and long exposure, I have done a little, but I am not very good at it as yet. I like to capture life, moments in time, children, adults, animals. I find interest in piles of rubble and graffiti, and clouds. I like to shoot some Macro, although I have not really done a lot, perhaps with the colder weather it is time to move indoors, or at least close to home and shoot some macro – but what? Flowers and bugs? Mmmmmm I need a little inspiration here. I would like to find away to earn a little play money to support my all consuming, expensive hobby. I do Portraits and Parties, perhaps more Product Shoots? but at the same time I do not wish to spend all my time doing things for other people and not myself. How DO YOU Support your hobby? Do you travel, do you print you photos (personally I rarely print them, they are digital format only).

There are things I would like to try if ever given the opportunity; Under water photography, a Big Game Reserve (you know like in Africa) photography, time lapse nature photography, Weddings, New Borns (not births, barely had the stomach for my kids lol), Wild Life animal Photography (not just Zoos), or at least not behind glass/cages. I would love to stage a food fight and get involved and photograph it, or one of those Color Runs…………..they look such fun, but SO MANY people, I am not good in really big crowds. I would like to try my hand at competitions or even to hang my stuff in a gallery, I would get a real kick out of that, but I do not think my work is good enough for that level as yet. Perhaps I am over critical; we usually are of our own work aren’t we? I would love to travel to ancient places; Egypt, Jordan, Istanbul and photograph the sites, explore and live in the moment; perhaps one day.

So where would you go? What do you like to photograph? Do you photographs tell a story? Does your personality dictate your photos? Please let me know I am interested in what others do.

– Julz

Manic Mondays

Shar_GradWell, another week has gone and such a busy one for my Family. My Youngest Graduated from University – with Distinction. Cue the really proud Mum. I am also proud of myself, I promised I would not burst into tears (as I often do with pride – birthdays, high school graduation etc! – I was very, very good). This little Munckin – who they told us may never go to public school due to learning difficulties, now has a Degree! NEVER give up on your kids!  Her formative years were hard work (for all of us), she didn’t have learning difficulties, she had communication difficulties, as it turned out. The Doctors were wrong. She is a very smart cookie, always was, she just couldn’t express herself – that has now all been turned around. To sit in that auditorium and watch her walk up on stage and get her degree, I was bursting with pride………still am!

queenscliff ferryAnyway I am sure that is enough of that. So what’s next…………..after all the excitement of Graduation we spent a few days down on the Ballerine Peninsula, out Geelong way. The first day we caught up with family and friends and stayed around Geelong Beach, Rippleside , Cunningham Pier etc. We then spent another day driving along the Coast, from Port Arlington to Torquay, then back to Queenscliff and caught the Ferry over to Sorrento. In part I feel like I am re living my childhood, I have not been down that way since I was much, much younger. It was a little bit of memory lane, a little bit of seeing beautiful scenery of Victoria’s Coastline. As a child we spent many a Summer vacation camping on Rosebud Fore Shore and My Aunt used to stay at Ocean Grove, sometimes we would switch camps for the day and visit with our cousins – happy days by the beach. I had an iconic Australian childhood, to my Mother (Who grew up on the beach) spending time at the beach with us kids was very important. I always seem to be at peace when I am near the beach.  Anyway I am still going through all the images, but will post some soon.

I have been very busy with other private shoots I cannot put on my Blog :-(, not everyone is into sharing- but that’s OK I have more than enough to post, lol. So with Mother’s Day coming up, Social Snappers again this weekend coming up. There are so many challenges as well, I do love them all, they are so much fun. I have more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of this month – or what is left of it.  I have started to create my own photo book, just for myself. Firstly I have started to do our trip to New Zealand, but now I really would like to do one of our travels along the Victorian Coast. However I fear that this is one I will continuously add too :-).

So for this week I have a post on some of the lame, weird comments I always seem to receive when I am out on a shoot, in my What kind of Photographer are You? and also a review I have done on my Nikon D5300, hopefully some of you will find either of these or both interesting. I am also putting up Part 3 of Phillip Island trip we did at Easter, the stunning Kitty Miller Bay and Flynn’s Beach. Without a doubt the pick of the trip. I was really happy with the shots for both spots……..I think Moth and I have got a thing for Ship Wrecks, we went looking at more this week off the Geelong coast as well!

Enjoy your week & happy snapping!

– Julz

Furbaby / Freaky Friday

After being away down the Ballerine Peninsula the last few days, I almost forgot this week’s Furbabies, Not mine but a real cutie I found at the Berwick Classic Car Show at Easter (finally starting to sort these images out), I am also adding an additional element to Fridays; Furbabies, Flowers and Now Freaky. This is Teeny Weeny and this is his Mum and Dad’s car…………cool but very, very freaky!

Teeny Weeny-0030

Definitely one of my favorite cars from the show. Will, hopefully have a few more images soon! Hope you all had a great week and are planning a great weekend.

– Julz

This and That – Lens Filters

Last week I spoke about what was in my kit, I would just quickly like to say thank you to the people who responded with what they use, always interesting and fun. Anyway I mentioned a few filters I use, I thought perhaps I would go into a bit more detail. There are many different  filters available, and I am sure many different brands. I must admit, that most of my filters are HOYA brand, and no this is not a shameless plug, just making a statement (but hey if Hoya handed me freebies I would not complain!) I have added links to various things on the Hoya site, but feel free to visit any other manufacturer.

So let’s start with the basic UV Filter;

“Absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. A muliti-purpose fine-weather filter for color as well as black and white films. Also serves as a permanent lens protector.”

Hoya Basic UV Filter

Hoya Basic UV Filter

Now I basically use this filter to stop dirt, dust, water and scratches from appearing on my lens, they screw on and off, they come in a range of size to suit most lenses and are relatively cheap approx $50 – $75+ (depending on size of lens). There are cheap plastic ones out there, but I have heard some not so nice things about plastic lenses, so all of mine are glass.

Circular Polarization Filter

“Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarized so polarizing filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. CIRCULAR PL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. They also enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds. HOYA’s polarizing filters do not affect the overall color balance of a shot.”


Now I know there are some people out there who do not like these lenses, I say Bah Humbug! I love them, they do not distort images, they do not create false shadows, they do not over saturate colors in the sky and water, yes sometimes they can intensify them, but not over saturate them. One was suggested to me by an associate and I have never looked back, however in saying that they are not necessarily advisable indoors, they are an outdoor filter.  You screw them on and off like a UV Filter, however as the filter itself moves and adjusts it can be a little tricky getting them on and off if it is really cold and your fingers are numb! So tread carefully when changing filters.

Variable Neutral Density Filter

“The Hoya Variable Neutral Density Filter provides a convenient way to maintain exposure control by being able to vary the amount of light entering the camera by 1.5 to 9 stops (0.45 to 2.7 density for Cine use). The precision built-in double ring design allows the outer ring rotates to control amount of neutral density effect anywhere within the 1.5 – 9 stop range. This double-ring design is also thin to reduce the likelihood of vignetting with wide-angle lenses. This control allows for many special effects such as being able to control depth of field by using a wider aperture or create or control motion blur by being able to choose just the right slower shutter speeds for perfect blurring.”

Variable ND Filter

Variable ND Filter

I only have one of these on my kit lens, sometimes I wish I had one for my 200mm lens, but I am still playing with it and am not exactly sure I really am happy with it. True I only need one, as it is variable, but due to the aperture on my big lens I do not know if it will go dark enough for long exposures. In saying that do I need anything over 30 seconds during the day? There are so many different graduated, half and variant density filters, I guess my variable was a good first buy. I would love to hear what other people use and their thoughts on them.


LEE Big Stopper ND Filter

A lot of people seem to talk about the Lee Big Stopper and sure it reduces 10 stop exposure (mine already does 9), is it all it’s cracked up to be? It looks big and cumbersome to fit to a lens (does it fit multiple lens sizes BTW?) I guess that would be handy, just using one and not having a different one for each lens size (the Variable one I have I need a different size for each lens size; 52mm, 77mm etc). The glass seems easy enough to drop in and out. I guess there would be no vignetting on the sides. I have found I occasionally get that on my filter, but I tend to just crop it out. I hear it is expensive $500+ for a basic set up. Some people still claim it’s an over the top expense which is unwarranted (ie; Matt Lauder ) but that is just one review, other say they are very happy with it (Robert Strachan & Lee Duguid) .

Colored Filters

Colored Filters

Then there are colored filters which seem to do everything from balance light, increase/ decrease warmth, adjust green, yellow, reds, increase blues, enhance skin tone. How do you know where to start (and finish). I must admit, I have none of these. Does anyone out there use them? If yes for which purpose?

Special FX Filters

Special FX Filters

And then there are Special Effects filters, honestly I do not even know where to start there, a photographer could go broke, but are any of them necessary or just  more gadgets?

So how do you know which one to get? I wish there was a Fairy God Mother who could grant wishes and allow us to ‘play’ with these items before we buy, but I guess only the big wig professional photographers get to play with cool toys for free 🙂 !

Please let me know you thoughts on anything I have written, if you have a different experience with any filters, good or bad. What filters do you use and would you recommend them?

Well that’s it for this week, till then happy snapping

– Julz