Lunar Eclipse 4.4.2015

It has been a very hectic long Easter Weekend. As such I have been a little quiet on my Blog, but will make up for it, especially with photos, but more on that later. I will start at the start, with the Lunar Eclipse from Saturday night. We were very lucky in Melbourne with only a few clouds around at sunset, which pretty much disappeared by the time of the eclipse. I have not really shot much night time photography, so I had read up a bit online and most of it was with a wing and a prayer, so to speak. I tried long exposure, but the moon kept moving and made the images blurry. Also the moon was extremely bright and most images ended up over exposed. I tried ND Filter, but that didn’t seem to work either. So in the end I turned the ISO up to 1600, a really small aperture and focus set on infinity. This is what I ended up with after I had been through the cutting room floor!

Well that is pretty much it from the Lunar Eclipse, it kept me busy from about 7.45 until well after midnight, next one is in 2018! More on Easter Break in another post, once I have gone through all the pics.