Fool me Once

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fool Me Once.”

Only a week late, that’s not bad. I guess I didn’t get around to writing this last week. Too much on my plate and not really interested in April Fool’s Day. Did hear about a few funny pranks. But nothing all that interesting.

I guess the heading is Fool me once………..unfortunately it can happen more than once. I wont say I am gullible…….. I don’t fall for those Nigerian prince scams, but sometimes I guess I am a bit naive. I am a little too trusting of people and I know I should not be. I would like to give people the benefit of doubt, but I have be shown time and time again that a LOT of people are not very trustworthy.

So I guess I am the fool………..I know that there must be good people out there, just not enough of us I fear.

– Julz