Autumn Getaways – Phillip Island & Cowes

Aside from everything else that went on this Easter, we also took a few days off and went to Cowes (Phillip Island) and stayed in a Holiday House with some friends.  I have been trying to get to Phillip Island for awhile now, and finally managed to fit it in. My main goal was to get to the Penguin Parade, but we also did so much more. I will hopefully get around to doing an individual post for some, if not all of these wonderful spots we visited;

  • Cowes Beach & Esplanade
  • The Nobbies and Seal Rock
  • Cape Woolamai and The Pinncales
  • Pyramid Rock
  • Kitty Miller Bay and S.S. Speke ship wreck
  • Flynn’s Beach

As well as all the other various things we go up to. Penguin Parade I have not seen the Penguin Parade at Phillip Island since I was about 5 years old, and I was keen to get back there. Sure I have seen these little guys (for more info on Little Penguins or Fairy Penguins as they used to be called, click here) on TV and the Net, but it is not the same as up close. No Photography of any kind is allowed, so all pics are courtesy of Google Images. Although I did go back the next day and take some photos during the day. So you arrive approx 1 hour before sunset and so many of you are herded along these boardwalks, up off the sand dunes toward this concrete amphitheater. Here we sat and waited for the sun to set. The Little Penguins left their burrows early in the morning and spend all day at sea, and then they all congregate out at sea in the afternoon and  wait until it gets dark and then they swim like crazy up to the beach and then run across the sand to the burrows. They do all this in groups after dark for their safety from all sorts of predators. They are very small (approx 30cm tall) and are very cute and make a strange huck, huck sound as they call to each other. We sat in the stands and watched them come up from the water for awhile, some running back to the ocean after being startled by Seagulls nesting on the beach, and then waited for larger numbers to try again. We then walked along the boardwalks which follows the penguins waddling back to their burrows, often stopping to rest along the way. Offering humans a great up close viewing of the little guys. After an hour or so most of them had gone back to their burrows. It was great, shame I could not get any photos, but penguins cannot blink, so the flash damages their eyes; so I do understand it, just wish it was otherwise.

I also managed to get in some more shoots, I did a couples Shoot, which I was really happy with


I also got in some more Arts style shots and another animal/owner portrait, and Moth and I spent some quality time together.

I hope to have the other posts up soon.

– Julz