The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 5

Wow, Day 5,6 & 7 got a little away from me, it has been such a busy, busy weekend. So for  Day 5 of Little Daydreamers Challenge.

My goals and achievements for my Blog, essentially my hopes and dreams I guess. I too an a relative newbie, I started blogging in October 2014, so maybe I cannot count myself as a newbie anymore? In that time I have picked up almost 200 followers (I would love to hit at least 200 if not 1,000) and made some great online friendships. I follow lots of varied blogs from photography, drawing, mothers, cooking, funny stories, life stories, recovery from illness, smoking and just about everything in between.

I have 2 blog, this one, which is mostly for writing, Daily Post, venting and ranting, it’s my personal blog. The inner workings of a over worked, over stressed, overly caring (I wouldn’t call it smothering) mother of adult children, who are perfectly capable (most of the time) to run their own lives. I guess I am an empty nesting (even though they technically have not left home), with a job I am not overly excited about and was looking at something for ME!

This blog got me back into photography, I now take some amazing images (sorry no humble pie from me here) and have started doing portrait photography…… the point I am getting so busy I do not really have time for a job! LOL unfortunately my day job still pays more, so I can’t quite retire as yet. OH woe is me! 🙂 But if it wasn’t for starting this blog I would not have this amazing creative outlet. It gives me and my Hubby a reason to go and visit some places around where we live and more. I know we shouldn’t need an excuse, but it did give me a driving need to get out and photograph things.

I would like to write about my own things more, for so long I have waited on challenges and the Daily Post, the challenges I still love, but the Daily post is leaving me wanting ‘more’ of late, perhaps that is just me. I guess I would like to have my own topics that I could write about every week; Manic Mondays or Friday Frolics or something? That is still on the cards, I just have to find the time!

– Julz