The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 6

The Daydreamer Challenge – Day 6

Yesterday, I asked you guys to write a question at the end of the post. This is because I wanted to write down every question and you can just answer them! Easy peasy! Also, check out the blogs that gave the questions because they’re awesome! πŸ™‚

Question time –

Just Call Me Elm Or Something – If you had the chance to meet one of your best internet friends/favorite blogger, would you be nervous before meeting them?

Actually I did meet someone a few months back, I was really very nervous, I mean are they who they say they are or an axe wielding serial killer? Luckily she was not and I would like to think we could be friends. The are many more who I have found are fairly local to me and would love to meet face to face. Maybe we could set up a coffee morning or something and all have some face time?

A Random Person Called Annie – How did you feel after you posted your first ever post?

I did not hit publish for awhile, I was quite worried, but then thought hey no one will read it any way!! I quickly found out I was wrong, people did read it, and people ‘liked’ what I wrote. I think the one I was most worried about was an interview I did for the Blog101. I read and re read that dozens of times before I finally hit publish.

Well that is it for this post

– Julz