This and That – What’s in my Kit?

I have spent a few days trying to figure out what to write on my Thursdays posting,  but I’ve come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter,  as long as it is interesting, and someone gets something out of it, maybe even start a discussion or two. So I guess it will be on all sorts of stuff; Tech Talk, Travel, I guess it will evolve into something over time.

Today I thought perhaps I would go through my kit; we are always so fascinated by what other photographers have in their kit.
CameraNikon D5300 DSLR. If I knew then what I know now, it’s possible I may have spent more on my camera, but then I bought what I could afford….so maybe not. (Perhaps I can do a review of this model now I have been using it for awhile?)

Lens I actually have 3 lens;  Nikkor 55mm Macro, Nikkor 18mm – 55mm kit lens & a Nikkor 18mm -200mm. I use the big lens all the time when I travel and the kit lens for portraits.

Bag I have a Lowepro back pack….I love it as it carries my camera an extra lens, and all my gear. It looks just like the Vertex 100AW, but perhaps the 100AW is a slightly updated version of mine, but essentially it looks similar and specs are mostly the same. So what else do I carry in my bag? Apart from obvious; wallet, keys, phone I also carry Panadol, water bottle, usually a muesli bar or 2,  a hat (2 reasons,  for when its hot and for when I do long exposures), a torch, lens cleaning kit, tissues, my filters, pen and paper, extra SD cards, spare battery. I also have plastic rain poncho and waterproof jacket for my camera.

velbon Tripod I have a Velbon Sherpa 200R tripod, I know it’s not Monfrotto or anything else fancy, again it is what I could afford. It’s big and heavy and has no carry bag, but it mostly does the job. I also have a miniature Gorilla grip tripod with bendy legs I can attach to things, however I must admit I have never really used it.

F0000013-0002tFilters I have a range of filters, all three lens have a UV filter, more for protection really. Then for my kit (18-55mm) lens I have a circular polarization filter for outside use,

I also have a Variable ND filter….still playing with that so the verdict is out. On my big lens I also have a circular polarization filter.…this I love to death. I know some people dont like them but I do, it gives a real depth to really bright images and you can shoot through glass and water too. I guess one thing I was told was not to be tempted to skimp on the lenses, I don’t have the best on the market, but they are good quality glass lenses. I have never had a problem, apart from trying to change them when its really cold! (maybe next time I can do a post of filters?)

There are few other things I have bought recently, not necessarily for my kit, a sturdy pair of hiking boots, good old runners just aren’t enough for some of the places we have been going to lately (climbing over rocks, steep hills etc), I have already had one nasty fall….don’t need another (both me and camera are OK). I also bought a walking stick, no I am not quite that infirm as ye, but it is a telescopic hiking walking stick. I used one in NZ and it is great for added stability and support, I know a few other photographers who use them and swear by them too. Also, I bought a comfy portable outside camping chair. I spent the lunar eclipse standing or sitting on cold ground….I’d like to do some more night shots….so I plan to be real comfy. Which I guess also brings me to cold and wet weather gear. I don’t really have much, but after all the snow in NZ I brought a woollen hat, gloves, scarf and big jacket. Not the trendiest of items, but hopefully I won’t freeze this winter.
I guess that is about it. I also have a smaller bag, for when I know I won’t need as much stuff…but I hardly use it, as I find when I don’t take everything. ..I need something I don’t have!

So……………what do you carry in your kit? Is there something I am missing? Is there something you are missing?

– Julz