Manic Mondays

I must admit, that just doing one post per day and working out roughly what I want to cover off before hand, made my week a little less hectic; so for now I will continue down this path.

Stop the Press

It’s official I am now a registered business! Julie Powell Photography is now up and running. With quite a few Portrait shoots already in the bag (so to speak) and so many more in the pipeline, I thought it time I did something about it. I now have a Facebook Page and a Google+ page as well. Don’t panic I’m not quitting my day job, although work is impeding on my social life! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just need to carve out some me time and when Moth needs some us time, I take him on nature or landscapes shoots! For some strange reason he is happy to carry all my gear and follow me to strange places for shoots. In fact he gets quite enthusiastic about where we shoot next.

Week just gone

Sienna-0250So as I already stated, changing my format around has made it a little easier for me, and hopefully for my readers, WOW over 200 now! It’s hard to believe from such humble beginnings, barely 6 months ago. I had a very busy week edited all the images from the shoot the weekend before with the beautiful Miss Sienna.

Sneak Peak of Flynn's Beach shot
Sneak Peak of Flynn’s Beach shot

Then still madly trying to edit all the images from Easter……..still going on them BTW. I will issue 2 new posts about various spots we went to, Cape Woolamai & Pyramid Rock this week and finish off next week with the stunning Kitty Miller Bay and Flynn’s Beach the week after.

I actually took this weekend off from shooting, to partake of some family commitments, ย which meant I missed out on a Social Snappers excursion yesterday, I hope the girls all had a blast. ย If any ladies are interested in attending a Social Snappers event in and around Melbourne, drop Leanne Cole a line. They are great fun and it gives you a chance to get together with like minded woman photographers and shoot in varied and different surroundings.

So what’s coming up?

I thought I might follow on from the Tech Talk from last week and do a post of various filters, and possible a review of my camera; the good, the bad, the ugly! ๐Ÿ™‚ Possibly make a dream wish list, you know what you would buy if money was no object? I also had some thoughts on some future posts;

  • Why it’s OK to be a woman and shoot portraits AND landscapes
  • Macro isn’t just about bugs and flowers
  • Whet kind of images do YOU WANT to photograph?
  • Shooting in public, getting over the nerves and embarrassment

Let me know what you think of the above topics, do they sound interesting or boring (been & done)?

Well that’s about it from me, hope you all have a great week, for me it’s another busy one! My youngest daughter graduates from University this week (cue the VERY Proud Mum!!!) and Moth and I are spending a few days down the coast out Geelong way, hopefully the weather is kind for photography!

– Julz