Weekend Wanderings – Phillip Island Pt 2

Cape Woolamai Day dawned a little chilly and cloudy, but we still decided to head down the Cape. We stopped off first at Woolamai Surf Beach, a beautiful, wild, rugged coastline, we did not see anyone out surfing today, maybe they were still in bed, it was early! Next we drove up the coast a fraction to Cape Woolamai and walked the boardwalk down to the beach. The beaches on this side of the coast are much more picturesque than the Cowes side, with wide sandy beaches, cliffs and rocky outcroppings, full of life and color, with birds and wild life everywhere. We walked out to near where the Pinnacles were, but the walk looked long, treacherous (climbing over rocks) and rain clouds were looming ominously overhead. We chickened out this time (I am not really all that steady on my feet at the best of times and we didn’t have great walking shoes with us – next time). I took some great shots, tried my hand at some more long exposure shots and panning with sea birds. We saw a lot of seagulls, but also Pacific Gulls, Chats, Buff Banded Rail, Silver Gulls and The Cape Baron Goose, alas no Pelicans (more info here).

Pyramid Rock We then drove around the coast a touch more to Pyramid Rock, great huge Pyramid formation, great waves and rocky surrounds and a very easy walk to get to the look out. The sun finally made it appearance and glistened off the waves crashes ashore, very pretty (if not windy). We even spotted a Red Bellied Black Snake, although I fear a bird dropped it, it was not looking very well, but I was not going to stop and render aid – they are highly poisonous!

We then wandered over to Kitty Miller Bay, the S.S Speke Ship Wreck and Flynn’s Beach, but I will save them for next post. – Julz