Manic Mondays

Shar_GradWell, another week has gone and such a busy one for my Family. My Youngest Graduated from University – with Distinction. Cue the really proud Mum. I am also proud of myself, I promised I would not burst into tears (as I often do with pride – birthdays, high school graduation etc! – I was very, very good). This little Munckin – who they told us may never go to public school due to learning difficulties, now has a Degree! NEVER give up on your kids!  Her formative years were hard work (for all of us), she didn’t have learning difficulties, she had communication difficulties, as it turned out. The Doctors were wrong. She is a very smart cookie, always was, she just couldn’t express herself – that has now all been turned around. To sit in that auditorium and watch her walk up on stage and get her degree, I was bursting with pride………still am!

queenscliff ferryAnyway I am sure that is enough of that. So what’s next…………..after all the excitement of Graduation we spent a few days down on the Ballerine Peninsula, out Geelong way. The first day we caught up with family and friends and stayed around Geelong Beach, Rippleside , Cunningham Pier etc. We then spent another day driving along the Coast, from Port Arlington to Torquay, then back to Queenscliff and caught the Ferry over to Sorrento. In part I feel like I am re living my childhood, I have not been down that way since I was much, much younger. It was a little bit of memory lane, a little bit of seeing beautiful scenery of Victoria’s Coastline. As a child we spent many a Summer vacation camping on Rosebud Fore Shore and My Aunt used to stay at Ocean Grove, sometimes we would switch camps for the day and visit with our cousins – happy days by the beach. I had an iconic Australian childhood, to my Mother (Who grew up on the beach) spending time at the beach with us kids was very important. I always seem to be at peace when I am near the beach.  Anyway I am still going through all the images, but will post some soon.

I have been very busy with other private shoots I cannot put on my Blog :-(, not everyone is into sharing- but that’s OK I have more than enough to post, lol. So with Mother’s Day coming up, Social Snappers again this weekend coming up. There are so many challenges as well, I do love them all, they are so much fun. I have more than enough to keep me busy for the rest of this month – or what is left of it.  I have started to create my own photo book, just for myself. Firstly I have started to do our trip to New Zealand, but now I really would like to do one of our travels along the Victorian Coast. However I fear that this is one I will continuously add too :-).

So for this week I have a post on some of the lame, weird comments I always seem to receive when I am out on a shoot, in my What kind of Photographer are You? and also a review I have done on my Nikon D5300, hopefully some of you will find either of these or both interesting. I am also putting up Part 3 of Phillip Island trip we did at Easter, the stunning Kitty Miller Bay and Flynn’s Beach. Without a doubt the pick of the trip. I was really happy with the shots for both spots……..I think Moth and I have got a thing for Ship Wrecks, we went looking at more this week off the Geelong coast as well!

Enjoy your week & happy snapping!

– Julz