OWPC – Storm

This week’s One Word Photo Challenge (OWPC) by Jennifer Nichole Wells is Storm. Each Week Jennifer gives us One Word to create a photo for / of for each post, we are currently doing weather, we previously did color. They have all been a lot of fun. trying to find a photo that depicts certain types of weather is certainly interesting, and I have to depend on my back catalogue, as you can never count on the weather to do what you want WHEN you want it!

Of course the other thing is, when it is stormy i rarely venture out, unless I am caught out in a storm. I would love to have photos of lightning and hail, torrential downpours, but alas…………..no, a few storm clouds is all I have, and even though the weather is not very nice at the moment…….there are no storms! So here are my pics of stormy weather.

– Julz