This ‘N’ That – One Wild and Precious Life

“Tell me, what is it that you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – The Summer Day, By Mary Oliver

Indented Head-0538I guess this is no secret, I love to travel! It does not even have to be far away. Moth and I have been working our way around the Victorian Coastline since late last year. We have done a far bit around Melbourne and Port Philip Bay; we worked from St Kilda, down the coast to Rickets Point, and Beaumaris. We did another trip down Mornington Peninsula – Frankston, Mt Martha through to Mornington. I also did Flinders and Cape Schanck. We took in a few days on Phillips Island and recently we just did Geelong and the Ballerine Peninsula. It has been wonderful traipsing along the coast. I am re visiting some places from my childhood and many new ones I did not even know until recently existed. Some of these places I never really bothered to explore, I mean they are local, how exciting can they be? Age does bring some wisdom, I am happy to say! I am often asked “how do you find all these great spots?”.

Drysdale Railway-0363The truth? We usually just stumble on them. Sure I see some great images on WordPress, Google+, 500Px, Facebook, Instagram etc, etc, etc by my fellow Photographers and I am slowly getting to know quite a few Melbourne based artists. Most of us shoot in our own backyard (figuratively), as we we cannot all be travelling all the time. I’m sure most of us wish we could 🙂 . And I think they look amazing, sometimes very difficult to find, others are easy. I usually say to Moth, hey about we drive to such and such on the weekend, he used to ask “what’s there?” but  not anymore, now he is “Sure, let’s see what we can find”. Sometimes we just get lost, or sometimes we are so busy exploring on the way to our destination, we do not actually even make it there. It took me 2 trips to get to Phillip Island (and it only takes a bit over an 1 hour if you don’t stop!) I have a thing with NO THROUGH ROADS, they may not lead anywhere, but sometimes the location at the end of the road is a little gem. Every trip we take ignites my wanderlust more, and I am sure Moth is having a lot of fun as well, he’s developed a taste for rock pools and ship wrecks, and I have also developed a taste for local history. I frequently research an area we are going to, or have just been. Sometimes it’s a real thrill to read about something in passing and then suddenly you are standing there, staring at a piece of living history.

Old Batesford Bridge-2-2I’ll tell you something else, I don’t think I have ever mentioned on my Blog……..I’m a clutz! Me and water frequently spell disaster. I always pack at least 1 spare set of clothes before we head off to the beach, I took 4 pairs of walking shoes to Phillip Island and still ended up walking around in thongs (Flip Flops)!  I don’t know what it is, and it’s genetic – but we (My Mum, My Aunt, Cousins, Daughters and Me), also seem to fall in, lose our footing, get bombarded by random king size waves, loose track of time and get caught in incoming tides – you name it. And it’s not just the beach, I have fallen in creeks, rivers and ponds! I stopped taking my youngest daughter to the beach, as I kept loosing her and was terrified she would drown! My poor camera has not had a bath as yet, but I fear it is only a matter of time. Some people (ie Moth) say it’s because I am not concentrating, or perhaps concentrating too much on something. Moth is always telling me to watch out, look up, look down, mind you step, STOP! And then there are the times I am so engrossed on shooting one thing, he tells me to stop and turn around – and there is the most amazing sight, that I had not even noticed. We make a great team, and honestly some of the images I have, I would never have got if Moth hadn’t pointed it out; like this crab.

Kitty Miller Bay-0524

So what’s next? Good question I am not sure in the immediate future. The weather is turning colder here and soon Winter will be on us. Sure Melbourne weather is not that bad, temps stay above 0c for the most part, but we get the gale force winds and drizzle, which make travelling pretty miserable. We would like to take in more of The Great Ocean Rd, but maybe that’s a trip for later in the year. I also want to do more of the Mornington Peninsula, but down along the Hastings side. I would also love to go back over to New Zealand in Spring, still trying to convince Moth to loosen the purse strings a little 🙂 , photography and travel can be an expensive hobby! Perhaps we can head up north, check out the Blue Mountains (although that is quite cold apparently). But don’t fear there will be plenty of small day trips coming up to fill my Blog with weekly posts. So Until then – happy travels

– Julz

P.S. how do you find the places you visit?, do you have a favorite spot you like to visit regularly?