Fearless Friday?

be-fearless-big-idea-bannerFriday’s seem to have so many titles lately; Furbaby, Flowers, Freaky………..well how about Fearless? I have not actually just written a blog, blog for awhile, been so busy with other stuff. Although I must admit that having a set out weekly schedule has made my life a little more stable. I know exactly what needs to be in the post in advance. It allows me to do a little research and even read other people’s blogs more often. I love reading other people’s blogs, it gives me ideas, inspiration, thoughts for extended consideration and conversation with others and sometimes just a giggle or smile. There are others that make me shed a tear or put a lump in my throat, especially if they are from shared experiences. Sometimes these are hard to read, and makes me feel a little raw. That can be a good thing, but other times it’s not.

For some reason, you my dear readers love it when I babble on about my thoughts, and it’s been awhile, I know. So I thought I would write about being Fearless; I read about what some amazing photographers do to get ‘that’ shot, it is simply mind boggling what some people will put up with, endure, sacrifice to get a once in a life time photo, and then they do it all again. I have often said that there are Photographers who are committed and then there are Photographers who should be committed! I guess they should also be commended. I know I am not the worlds most fearless photographer, I wish in some ways I could be. To put myself through extreme weather conditions, extreme danger, but I have a husband and 2 beautiful children, and putting myself at such risk is not worth it.

OK so what about the really, super duper patient photographer? The nature Photographer, Birds, wildlife, time lapse plantlife? I don’t think they are really putting themselves into danger so much, unless you count extreme boredom as a danger sport 🙂 . I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses………patience is not a strength of mine! Sure I am happy to grab a shot if it unfolds in front of me, but to sit (in quiet) for hours to perhaps get a shot of a animal walking past my camera? I don’t think I can sit that still for long enough period of time, in possibly cramped, cold, wet, uncomfortable surroundings.

I am pushing myself, I mean I have made the time to get to a certain spot well before the sunrise, so I can get in the perfect spot. I have made sure I was in a great spot for the Lunar Eclipse…….and I shot just about ALL NIGHT! I will see something and think that’s a great image, how can I make it better, this is new for me really. Getting on the ground, up high, sideways, different angle, in front, behind. To see the whole picture or just a tiny part of it, this is something I am learning and pushing myself towards. Anyone can snap a photo, it’s the photographer or artist that makes a great image, is it not?

So what makes a Photographer Fearless? is it getting into ridiculous or dangerous situations to get ‘that’ shot? Or is it knowing your own limitations and pushing past them? I was looking for a new chapter in my life when I got my DSLR, a new creative, learning adventure. I had no idea at the time where it would take me, and I guess in some ways I am still surprised to find where I am and where I am going. None of this was intentional. I was just wanted to see if I could take some pretty pictures. Now I am proud of what I create and I honestly believe I have taken some amazing images (and a few not so good ones 😛 ). I have pushed myself, beyond what I thought my limits were, I have endured harsher environments and weather conditions than I would normally have put up with, all for one more shot. How far will I push it? I have knowingly put myself in situations I feel extremely uncomfortable; early morning and late nights out alone. Going places I have never been before on my own. Taking a chance on a hunch, you know that gut feeling about something, or even someone. I have met complete strangers to go out and take photos with or of. I have a fear of heights, strangers, being alone, being in a crowd, getting lost, losing control, I am not a spontaneous person, I like to have everything pre planned and worked out in advance. Photography has taught me that losing control, being spontaneous, pushing your boundaries, doing things that make you uncomfortable and putting you on edge, can be a good thing  – within reason.

Don’t get me wrong, compared to others I am still shy, awkward, scared, over emotional wreck. A silly, middle aged, over weight woman probably suffering a mid life crisis, trying to put some meaning to her life. My fearless is some else’s woosy, sooky la la moment. But my family and friends notice, they say that it is amazing to see me spread my wings, to break out of my shell. Others do not know me, well honestly I do not know what they think. Do I care? yes and no. I guess some relate to me, or like my posts, otherwise they would not follow me. Those that I meet, do they think I am confident, funny, serious, silly, intelligent, clever, creative? I would like to think they thought at least some of those things about me, that’s if they even give me a 2nd thought. This blogging world is mostly anonymous and that was what drew me in initially. But now, I am starting to actually meet people face to face. We are no longer anonymous, we are friends for want of a better word. I cannot call then associates, can I. They have read my blog, my inner most feelings in some cases.I have put my heart on my sleeve for the world to see, some of these thoughts I have not even shared with my Husband, my daughters, my friends. So what do you call fellow bloggers?

I have stood on a ledge, I have stood in the rain, the wind, sat in the mud, gotten wet, fallen over, climbed over rocks, logs, walked through spiderwebs. Gone hungry, thirsty and busting for a loo! I’ve gone potty in the bush and walked miles and miles over not so great terrain. All in the name of photography. Moth and I have seen some amazing sights, witnessed breathtaking views, sunrises and sunsets. Seen places of wonder and joy; all in the name of photography. I have walked up to complete strangers and taken their photo, I have introduced myself and spoken with people I would not have normally met, all in the name of photography. Do I consider myself fearless? By comparison to myself, yes, in comparison to others, no. But in the end what do we judge ourselves against…….it is usually our own set of rules is it not?

The Image on this post is from Google images, but I like the tag line;


So be bold, take risks, fail forward, learn, to grow, to embrace the new! I guess I have prattled on long enough, I will leave it here. Have a great weekend.

– Julz