Furbaby Friday – Introducing Sheldon & Crush

741302059_oI am so excited to introduce my two newest babies, however they are completely fur-less; Sheldon (AKA Shelly) and Crush (as in Finding Nemo), technically the original Disney Crush is a green sea turtle and my Crush is not, but hey it’s a cool name Dude!

So what are they? Baby Macleay River Short Neck Turtles – and they are sooooooooooooo cute. I have always wanted turtles (that and green tree frogs – I have marsh frogs out in the garden, close but no cigar).

So now I’ll have these two little cuties, I can maybe do some macro shots with them, especially since they are only 5cm long, but they will get to be about 20-30cm long eventually and they will probably out live me!! I have already explained to my children that they will inherit the turtles after I am gone. Did not go over too well I fear. Still being babies and I have only just got them I have not got to know their personalities very well……..did you know that turtles have a personalty? They are not like fish, they are more like cats I guess, they are not really trainable (I don’t think), but they develop definite personalities.

My other Furbabies are still a little curious, not upset so much about the new additions, as to curious about what they are? I mean the spend a lot of time in water (according to Buddy the Cavvy, water is barely tolerated for drinking, baths are not acceptable and living in water is unthinkable!) Teddy (the ginger cat) is fascinated by fish, these two bring a whole new element, as they can come out of the tank and walk on land!

Anyway til next time, hope you all have a great weekend

– Julz