Manic Mondays

Wow, another week has come and gone, hard to believe. Soon I’ll blink and it will be Christmas 🙂 ! Anyway It has actually been a bit of a quiet week, which is good as it allows me to catch my breath. So what is new? I have just finished the images from Geelong and Ballerine Peninsula, will put up 2nd leg of that trip on Wednesday. Have also just about finished with images from my Dawn Shoot of the Yarra  & Melbourne with Social Snappers, I will put them up in a post soon. Finishing off some private studio shoots as well and then I am all caught up – til the next week when hectic happens all over again!

Picnic DinnerI had a go at the Paul Barson photographic Challenge during the week as well, it is fun, yet daunting to play around with someone else images. I love seeing what other people do with the same RAW file. here is my finished piece and a few other ones I tried as well;

I have also entered my very first photographic competition, I do not want to say too much and jinx myself, but it is a big step for me. I am not expecting any miracles, it is more of a learning curve. Have you ever entered any competitions? If yes, which ones? How did you find them, were they a good or bad experience? I am nervous and excited, silly isn’t it? Isn’t strange our we value ourselves dependent on what others think, I know we shouldn’t but sometimes that little voice in our head tells us maybe, just maybe they might be right? I know it’s wrong, if you value yourself and enjoy what you are doing, whether it be art, drawing, painting, photography, writing whatever………if you are happy, THAT is what should matter, and if someone else enjoys it too, that’s a bonus!

I have a post this week on Women in photography, I personally think we can do it all, I’m not really a freedom fighter, women’s lib kinda of gal, but I know I am equal to anyone, male or female, on the surface (or just beneath it), I can hold my own against a man when it comes to photography, up to a certain point. Read my post tomorrow, you’ll see what I mean. I have the final post of our Geelong trip on Wednesday, and on Thursday I thought I might continue on with search for Shipwrecks and Lighthouses along the Victorian Coast. I have another busy weekend lined up with Private Studio Shoots and another Social Snappers outing, if you are interested, they are free and a lot of fun…..drop me a line if you are in Melbourne and would like to join us.

I have been mucking about with prototype covers for Leanne Cole’s Dynamic Range, Magazine, I think I have come up with something suitable, that will get the message across and looks great as well. It will be a magazine by Women, for Women about Photography. I have been straining my brain to come up with some topics to write about, as I would like to try my hand at doing some articles, but what to write? I am only relatively new myself. Perhaps Reverse Macro? That’s something I am fiddling with at the moment and will talk more about soon. Chasing shipwrecks and lighthouses? Shooting Solo & staying Safe? This is a discussion we were having the other day on a Facebook Group, it stayed with me and kept me thinking. Mmmmmmmm not really sure.

Anyway til next time, be true to yourself and happy snapping. Below are some Macro shots I took in the backyard the other morning. Sorry I am not really sure what the plant is except for a Yucca variety called Carnival, it has never flowered before and has a huge flower spike.

– Julz