The Clothes Make the Woman?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man.”

How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

I have sort of moved away from the daily post, sometimes I look for a little inspiration or I feel like just writing a post – you know when you get in ‘that’ mood. I found that the post ideas were becoming ever so hum drum and predictable and at times depressing, and frankly I had so much other stuff to write about on my Blog – photography, Life etc. But today i though why not, I don’t have anything really pressing to do today, I am ready for the weekends shoots and I frankly don’t have much to do at work………….so here we go;

No that's not me!
No that’s not me!

Clothes? BC (Before Children) I was a trendy chic, a style setter, it didn’t matter if the shoes pinched my toes, or if my acid washed jeans were a little too tight (was that really such a thing?). I was always well dressed (in my opinion anyway), my
Mother used to roll her eyes and say, that her generation really was not that much better. I revelled in the late 70’s and 80’s, the music, the clothes, the BIG HAIR. I had my own quirky signature style. The double denim and that damn sailor hat I always wore (don’t ask), no I won’t show you pictures! The lace gloves, the fru fru skirts, the penguin pants, need I go on?fashion-female

Then the kids happened, I gave up wearing nice clothes, because kids always make you dirty, with spit up, mushed up food, and god only knows what they always seem to cover you in………my style choice was usually black; black jeans, black sweats, black t-shirts and hoodies. I never really had time for myself as most new mothers don’t (I know that there are some out there preened to perfection – I just don’t know HOW they do it). I became frumpy and I didn’t really care, sure I would look at glamorous clothes, I couldn’t afford, but I knew I had nowhere to wear them.

Then I went back to School (Well Uni really), and I was the older adult in a teenagers/ young adult world. I just slobbed around in jeans and T-shirts and runners like else everyone did. Hey it was comfortable, this generation actually had it right, sure they looked like slobs, but they were very comfy! I just couldn’t cope with the jeans being 20 size too big (still can’t), but loose, sure I can cope with that.

Then I went back to work; damn suits, skirts, shirts etc etc…..uncomfortable shoes. The whole working 9 -5 and travelling and stuff. I had to look the part didn’t I?, how would anyone take a mother of 2, just finished school, starting a new career seriously if I didn’t look the part?

These days, I think I have reverted to a slob, even at work I tend to just throw on whatever is comfortable (Unless I have a really important business meeting, then out comes the nice pants, shirts and shoes). I slob around at home, the office and even at the shops. I have become the slob I used to detest, the middle-aged, over weight woman who really doesn’t care anymore. I used to adore going shopping and finding the perfect outfit, getting dressed up, hair and nails done, now it all just seems a chore. In fact I kind of resent it in a way. No one really cares what I look like anyway. I mean if you are at a 21st, engagement or wedding, they are not looking at you are they?

So NO, I do not think the clothes make the woman, I think the woman makes the woman, clothes are just there to keep the flabby bits covered up, and to keep you warm.

– Julz

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