Manic Mondays

Well what can I say, another busy, hectic week for me. Mother’s Day was my last restful day! I have been on the go ever since.

Tutus & Taffeta
The Girls-3-3 I did a photo shoot with three wonderful young women the other night, all three are really good friends. It was a little awkward at first, I have not really done this type of shoot before. I showed them a few images I had seen, as ideas and we took it from there. We did a few nice posed shots and some individual shots, we had the music going and everyone at some point was either singing, humming or dancing (well swaying at anyrate), so I dragged out some tutus, flowers, words of inspiration (Laugh, smile, imagine) turned the music up, and told them to pretend I wasn’t really there. We then got out the confetti and glitter (took me hours to clean up the mess – I think I might drop that from shooting ideas!) even the bubble blower got brought out – it was really funny and lots of fun. Can’t wait to go through all the pics. They all agreed that it was a really fun evening and wanted to do it again! Maybe I should advertise a Girls Night Out! Throw in some nibbles and champagne?

From Babes to Babies

Jordan--5So from Hot Babes earlier in the week to babies on the weekend! I did my first baby photos on Saturday, Mr J turns 1 in a week, so we did some photos for his birthday. His birthday theme is Mustache (I created his birthday invites as well), so we went with that. We also wanted to bring in a cute hipster theme; hence the jeans and tie. Rounded it out with some cute shots in the garden.

I have also started my first pregnancy timeline shoot, week 1; well technically week 14,  and I get dibs on the baby for pics when it’s born. Yay! Will post pics soon on this (I hope)

The Week ahead 

So I have a catch up week again this week, settled into a kind of routine where I have a hectic week with shoots and then a week of editing. Doesn’t always work out that way, but it is something I am trying out, otherwise I am just shooting and then no time to edit, or I am up til all hours trying to keep up. Shame I still have to work, it really is impeding on my photography 🙂 . A couple of posts for this week are from Social Snappers two weeks ago when we did the pre dawn shoot in Melbourne, over the Yarra River. From Tales of the Shoot – Trials and Tribulations of shooting on my own, to the pics themselves and then a piece I have written on safety, kind of ties the whole week together neatly. I have also continued on with more Lighthouses this week. I am starting to run out of lighthouses and might be time to rug up and get Moth to go on some more adventures! I now have a lovely little list of Lighthouses, not too far from Melbourne.

Well that’s about it, happy snapping and safe travels

– Julz