To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “To Sleep, Perchance to Dream.”

I love to sleep, really I do, it’s just that sleep does not reciprocate this love. In fact, sleep avoids me. It’s not that we had a big fight, as much as it’s possibly a personality clash. I am usually racing around and can be loud (well in my own environment), juggling various projects at once, cooking, cleaning, washing, animals, work, photography……..I guess I have let sleep down a little and he is pretty pissed with me. So lately even when I am really tired, I lay in my cosy, comfy bed and wait for sleep, he just doesn’t show up, or waits until the wee hours of the morning to turn up, only for my alarm to break the embrace and I have to leave him again.

Go to bed early, you say. Sleep will come, you say. It only makes it worse, It’s kind of like a watched pot never boils? So Sleep and I continue this dance, some days we are at peace and I can go to bed and sleep visits me, I sleep long and deep and dream pleasant little sleep dreams. And it is bliss, true love, I would have no other………..if only Sleep loved me back as much.

Sleep is a fickle thing, often disturbed by thoughts, doubts, hungers and wants. Even when you are tired, relaxed and ready for sleep the thoughts surrounding your brain, the list of things to do, the suddenly remembered things you forgot to do. The letting dogs/ cats in or out, double checking locked doors, windows, lights, children. Turning on / off washing machine, dishwashers, heaters, coolers. Sleep does not take these intrusions lightly and often leaves for hours once you return to bed. And don’t forget the neighbors barking dog, that disturbs sleep to the point he gives up and leaves entirely.

Just thinking about it all, makes me exhausted, but I know Sleep will only come, when HE feels like it. Alas my lover come to me, all is forgiven!

– Julz