Tales from the Shoot – Dawn over Melbourne

A week or so ago I went to take some photos of the Sunrise over the Yarra River In Melbourne, OK – not such a big deal right? I’ve been into the city before right? I been up early to shoot a sunrise before, right? Wrong, even though I was meeting up with a few other photographers, this was still essentially a trip into the city on my own and I drove! I was meeting up with Leanne Cole and some other lovely ladies from Social Snappers in the wee hours on a Sunday morning. I have a few phobias and a few fears, especially when it comes to travelling on my own, driving in the city and being in crowd and /or deserted places. Some are rational, some are irrational, either way I cannot really help it when the gut wrenching, gnawing starts and my hands sweat and the panic attacks threaten to overwhelm me. This was the case that morning. I awoke a little sleepy eyed and groggy (from very little sleep), but armed with a thermos of strong coffee I set off for the city. Moth had gone over the route with me the night before, he is well away of my hate of driving in the city. He offered to drive, but I said that this is something I need to do on my own. Probably my first mistake of the day!

Melbourne Dawn-3-19I decided a while back that I was no longer a slave to my fears and if I wanted to do something I would just do it, I mean what was the worst that could happen? I had survived everything life has thrown at me so far, fear was stopping me from learning and experiencing new things. So I drove into the city that fateful morning and promptly missed my turn off and got lost! Yep, of course what else did I expect? A few panicked phone calls to Moth (my walking, talking GPS) he had me back on track. I eventually got roughly where I needed to go. Another panicked phone call to Leanne, I have no idea if she could hear the fear in my voice or not, but she helped me locate a car park close by. First problem averted. I was finally in the city, in a car park all safe and sound – but was I? Next problem walking through near deserted city streets before dawn. I took some deep breathes to calm my nerves, grabbed my gear (thank goodness I had remembered all of it) and walked out of that car park.

That’s when it hit me, I was on my own, in a big city, before sunrise and it actually wasn’t that scary. As per usual it was mostly in my head! There were a few people around, enough so I wasn’t completely freaking out and not so many that I was completely freaking out by that either. In fact it was quiet, calm and peaceful and very pretty. I made my way over to the Princes Bridge, and while I waited for the others to show up I took some photos. I almost lost myself in my subject and my art, for just a few moments, until someone walked past and coughed. I damn near jumped out of my skin. LOL. That’s when I looked up and saw Leanne and the other ladies. I did everything in my power not to run over and hug her…………I Don’t know HOW she would have taken that!! If she reads all this she may not have known how hard that morning actually was for me. Social Snappers is possibly many things to many people, but to me it is dragging me kicking and screaming out of my comfort zone, getting out, doing things and learning. This is not a bad thing, it is a good thing. These people do not know me, they do not know my struggles and we have a nice time, an informal chat about photography and stuff. My health issues, my irrational fears, my discomfort is unknown to them and it is SO nice. To them I am just another photography nut, enjoying an outing. I know that possibly a few may read this, or maybe not, but it is irrelevant – it’s done with now. I did not mean to go into this as much as I had………I was going to delete it, but it is part of the story, and deleting means it didn’t really happen doesn’t it? Besides the worst that happened was I got a little lost, ran a little late and the sunrise wasn’t very good. Hey that’s not a BAD morning, in fact, that’s what I consider a good morning!

Melbourne Dawn-3-4So onto the rest of my tale – It was a lovely morning, but the sunrise was not very good at all, however I got some great shots of the city and some lovely reflections. We wandered up and down Southbank along the Yarra, there was actually quite a few people around at that time of the morning, it must be the shift in inner city dwelling. It had been a little chilly earlier, but now that the sun had risen it was starting to warm up a little. The multiple layers were to be shed. We stopped and ordered breakfast in a bistro/cafe………sorry I honestly cannot remember which one. We chatted about various photography things over breakfast and then made our way back up the Yarra towards Princes Bridge again. It was starting to get busy in the city and it was time for me to go home. I have found that my photography allows me to get over or at least bypass several of my fears, and this is a good thing. Feeling by now a little more calm and relaxed I managed to get home in one piece, without any problems. By now I was exhausted emotionally and ready for a hot shower, a cuppa and a cuddle on the couch with the dogs! Tomorrow I will put up the rest of the Images.

Enjoy Your Day, whatever you are doing, and don’t let the fear of something stop you from enjoying everything. It is often not as bad as we make it in our own heads. And who knows what you may discover about the world or even about yourself! In saying that, keep safe.

– Julz