State of the Julz Nation

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “State of Your Year.”

ToitHow is my year shaping up in the Nation of Julz land? Very, Very busy! It all started back at Christmas time, when I decided to do everything at our place, I also decided to start doing more road trips, travel, photography in and around where we live. So after a hectic Christmas and Moth’s 50th Birthday, we had, I think 2 days of relaxation, after New year’s Eve, when I decided that was enough – let’s do some day trips. We always say, we’ll go here or there, now we just DO.

Then we had our wonderful holiday in new Zealand – 2 weeks is not enough. Then it has been the blog, the challenges, work, family, we had several concerts we went to (The Eagles, Paul Simon & Sting, both were amazing!), we’ve had 21st, 1st birthdays, anniversaries, more 50th Birthdays and the list goes on, and that only brings me up to April! Add in the occasional headache, cold and flu and it’s been a jam packed year.

Then I decided I wasn’t challenged enough!!!! And I decided after encouragement from family and friends to do portraits, it started off slowly and each person donated towards my ever growing kit. Now I am so busy most weekends doing portraits, i barely have time for anything else. Don’t get me wrong I am enjoying them, but I think I am going to have to draw a line somewhere.

The next 3 months is looking a little quieter, a few day trips possibly here and there, no concerts, no major Birthdays (the girls both have birthdays but nothing major, just quiet dinners at home I think). I still have a few portrait shoots lined up, but that is about all til spring. then there is babies due…………..every where is babies! Then more birthdays, more concerts (AC/DC, KISS, Elton John – super excited). I would also like to put in another holiday, but suddenly I just don’t seem to have the time?

I started trying to put a photo book together (mainly for myself) of our trip to New Zealand……..that’s on hold. I also tried to do one for our garden, as sort of a how to (or how not to?) on garden renovation…..also on hold. I have sort of done them online and in my blog, but not quite the same, and then I started the whole Lighthouses and Ship Wrecks things along the Victorian Coast………….I am my own worst enemy 🙂 . Did I ever mention that I hate being bored? I have so many things on the go, if I have to stop one, I just pick up one of the others and keep running. everyone tells me to slow before I burn out, but I just can’t seem to help it. Eventually i will find my Round to it and get everything finished. HAHAHAHAHA!!

So how is your year going so far?

– Julz