FurBaby Friday – Turtle Update Pt 2

Turtle Update-5-4 I promise after this I wont post about the turtles for awhile, it’s just been quite a challenge having 2 extra bodies in the house, even if they are very, very small. We have all been together for quite some time now, and everyone is a little stuck in their ways, anything new is a little unsettling and takes time to get into a new routine.

Shelly and Crush are now really coming out of their shell (pardon the pun!), Shelly is still the wild one, but Crush is coming around, they often play together and both now eating the crickets and being very good. After their dinner we take them out and let them wander around the floor.

The other animals, are still curious (but we still don’t trust any of them), and are happy for now, to just watch the turtles. Chloe has stopped panicking when they are out of water, I guess she has decided if we’re not worried, she wont be. Cats are very curious about the whole crickets for food thing, and they like to watch the turtles eat. It’s a little disconcerting, but it’s funny how the turtles are getting used to it.

Turtles vocalize……….did you know that? Unfortunately it is too low for most humans to hear it, but I think the dogs can. Buddy will randomly jump up from his bed and bark at the turtles when they are playing, or scratch at the tank if one is taken out and the other is still in there (usually if Crush gets taken out first for feeding, Sheldon gets really agitated). We still feed the turtles separately, Sheldon is a bit of a bully when it comes to food, so it has just been easier to feed them separately. Here is some pics of the first real face to face meet last week. Cats still really don’t seem to care………..it has me worried!

And just for something different a video of my two knuckle heads watching TV….sorry about the quality

Til next time………….happy snapping

– Julz