One Photo Focus – June

This month’s image for June’s One Photo Focus challenge is by Stacy Fischer, some may state I have gone slightly overboard, and perhaps I have, just a tad….but boy did I have some fun!! Thanks Stacy, a truly great pic. I hope you enjoy my House of Horror!

Here is Stacey original version, sorry but mine is a bit creepier!!!!!

Stacy Fischer One Photo Focus JuneWelcome to my House of Horror – So what have I done? First removed the sky and put in a stormy, cloudy sky, added a full moon and some clouds. Removed the tree from right hand side. Then using several adjustment layers I darkened the whole overall feel of the shot, leaving some areas lighter than others and darkening some of the light areas, I also removed the steeple and added a lightning rod and lightning, added bloody hand prints, cob webs, spiders and zombie in the window. I darkened all the windows and I removed all the snow and turned over dirt (even if they do look a little like fresh graves I decided tombstones was just a bit too much in a front yard!). I then added the jack’o’lantern and some glow, I added in the Mickey & Minnie shrubbery (Why? because it fools unsuspecting targets and lures them into trouble!). ย I also painted in some grass and more sticks and branches to fill the gardens out a bit, I also added some fog to the fore ground. And just for one last final touch…….as there was already lights on the verandah, instead of removing them, I added brightly coloredย Christmas lights……because what’s a horror house without Christmas Lights? hahahahahaha. I know I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME on this image, but it was so worth it. Normally I am a bit timid when working with Someone Else’s photo, this time I was truly inspired!

Until next time, happy snapping

– Julz