Tales from the Shoot – Hipster Cuteness

So I did a baby shoot, well he’s not really a baby, baby anymore he is turning 1! I keep saying I need to do some baby shots to add to my portfolio, so I guess I’ll start at toddler and work backwards…..there are more babies due later in the year!

We wanted hipster Cool and Cuteness………but things don’t always go to plan with little kids!

Jordan--8I remember my own kids as babies, surely I am older and wiser I can handle one little toddler? LOL ‘Do it early then he won’t be so tired’ my brain said, ‘Don’t go over 1 hour or he’ll get cranky’ my brain said……. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..you’ll find me sitting in the corner pulling my hair out and gently rocking!!! Just kidding……..he got a little cranky at times, but I have figured out bubbles are magic!! Distraction – that’s the name of the game. Mr. J actually did very well, until the cake shoot, the one time your child decides he will not make a mess, he will not throw food around, just dainty little bites!! Until we took the cake off him……….then the tears, then the tantrums, that’s when I said the shoot was done I had everything I need, time for Mum to take him home for a nap.

I was so happy with how the shots turned out (so were the Mum & Dad), and you’ve got to admit, he is such a cutie.

Til next time……..happy snapping

– Julz