Tuesday’s Tales from the Shoot – The Mermaid and The Princess

Mermaid_Rock-2 A little while ago, I was asked if I do Mermaids? Sure I said, I am sure I could Photoshop something, then the shoot fell through, but the seed was already planted. Now I know from my own Daughters (now grown women) and from my fairy and ballerina shoots, little girls love to get dressed up. Just sitting on a chair pretending isn’t half as fun as dressing up and pretending. So I mentioned this to a friend, who mentioned to another friend, who then offered to make me some mermaid tails! WOW how cool is that? So I picked some fabric, I went with a lovely pale blue, with sparkles and a soft purple. Skip forward a few weeks and they have arrived, along with bags of other goodies. This lady makes costumes for a dance school, and she brought over a whole heap of other old costumes, no longer required! So I arranged my model for a trial shoot, and we tried a few different poses and styles. Mostly she was sitting in front of this full moon backdrop on a stool or ottoman. We also tried laying on the floor, but I think this shot is a winner. This was several weeks in the planning, as so often some of my fantasy shoots are. I think this one is almost ready to take public, my next foray is into Pirates……..more on this later. Honestly I am not sure who is having more fun?

11412334_1465244657107685_8126674047045810848_nAnyway Little Miss is such a trooper, even when I knocked the backdrop over trying to reach behind it to grab something (I store a lot of junk behind my backdrops………..keeps it all hidden) anyway poor Little Miss, she was laying on the floor when suddenly she was covered in sheets……….startled a few years out of her I think. She was not hurt, my rig is very light and portable – too light it seems, even with weights. So we picked her up, dusted her off and once she calmed down (she did get quite a fright), we then proceeded to do something a little more fun…………Princess time. In amongst all the costumes I got, was a Cinderella costume. I even had a Tiara. I then as a thank you, did this composition image……….very Disney like, but not Disney! And Cinderella is so in again……I myself watched the new movie just recently, charming little movie, I have always liked the Cinderella story.

Until next time………….dream big, & happy snapping

– Julz

One Photo Focus – July

Stacy Fischer from Visual Venturing runs One Photo Focus. Every month Stacy offers us a photo which someone has taken and then encourages us to alter it in Post Processing, anyway we see fit!  July’s image is a Photo by Robyn Kent, I have dubbed it Independence Day! As soon as I saw this image I was thinking about the movie Independence Day, and the scene where the aliens attack the White House (I know this isn’t the White house…………………but bear with me anyway). I knew another epic, edit marathon was coming on again, just like last month’s House of Horror. So in view of the fact that American Independence Day is very near, I proceeded with the image in this fashion;

  1. Removed the blue sky and replaced with one of my own astrophotography pics
  2. Added the bottom of a random UFO I found online, and altered it of course, as well as a few other additional UFOs in the pic as well…………obviously a UFO attack would consist of more than one UFO!
  3. Added lightning bolts and laser beams from the head UFO to the top of the building
  4. Removed the people in the picture and replaced with people running away frightened
  5. Added a crashed UFO in the fore ground…………c’mon…………us mere Earthlings have to have a win sometimes
  6. Added alien robots chasing frightened people
  7. Add smoke and fires, giving it a hell on earth look

Picnic Dinner

Sorry Robyn, this is probably not what you had in mind when you put forth the image, but then again maybe it was!

Robin Kent One Photo Focus July

Robin Kent One Photo Focus July – Original Image

Anyway until next time…..happy snapping (and editing)….

– Julz

Manic Mondays

Wasn’t I just saying things were a little quiet? I should learn to keep my mouth shut……hehehe, So it’s all hands back on deck, as thing get all Manic again. I must admit most of the last week was actually fairly quiet, it heated up again on Friday, just in time for the weekend. I did however feel like kicking myself for not going back down to Sorrento to shoot the Aurora Australis on Tuesday or Wednesday Night, I was too scared and girly to go by myself (silly really, there were others there I have seen their photos), and Wednesday Moth was too tired from work and we ended up with lots of cloud so we never did go, but  I wish I had, but you know what they say about wishes? I kept looking up from my place, but there was way too much light pollution and clouds. I really do have to stop being a sook and shoot on my own occasionally.

Anyway I spent all of the weekend in the studio, either getting ready for shoots, tidying up after one, or doing a shoot. I need to do a really big general tidy up. Still trying to get rid of the Gym :-(. I seem to have become a dumping ground for people emptying their sheds, garages and attics, most of it is junk, however they have been quite a few treasures in amongst it all. I think I am going to have to start saying NO soon, I do not know how much more I can store in my Studio. I have even been getting crafty again, this time girly baby head bands and angel wings! Pics soon

I got to try out another fantasy shoot – Mermaids. I had some special costumes made by a very lovely friend of mine, and then called in a favor for my Model for this shoot. Will post images soon. Most of my shoots this week was grown ups, a few kids and another Newborn later this week.  I also did an engagement shoot, just for something different. I think Wedding Seasons is about to pounce for Spring! I have been invited to go to a Train Cemetery (more like a dumping ground / museum of sorts for old train stuff). Should prove to be interesting, for both Moth and Myself, but more on that next week.

Still no word on the camera, I really am getting impatient for my lens and Moth for the camera. I think he is getting quite keen on the idea of a camera of his own. Moth is already planning on the next lens purchase a 10 – 24mm wide angle! Why is it when I wanted it, it was too expensive, did I really need it? etc – lol

Finally I will leave you with some images of a reserve not far from here I have been meaning to visit, just to see what’s there. I finally got off my butt, on my own and did……..just proves you never know what is in your own back yard. It was one of those clear, crisp Winter days, the sun was just starting to set when I got there, eerily quiet, yet quite lovely considering Bunnings, Good Guys, etc were just over the rise. I posted these images on Facebook and Google+ and a few people locally, asked exactly where it was, and they were surprised it was there. Mind you I also had a few people then add, have you been to such n such? Which I did not know was there……….so I will be doing some more exploring soon I hope.

So I hope you all have a great week………til next time, happy snapping

– Julz

Weekly Photo Challenge – Muse

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

What keeps me coming back again and again? It’s not so much a place as a theme. I love long piers and jetty’s, lighthouses and ship wrecks. I have never really been back to the same place over and over, apart from the local from a local duck pond I am always looking for the next thing. I have a shooting list of places I would like to go, or even places I would like to re visit.

So the first gallery is of Wilson Park and the Local Reserve

And here are just a few of my favorite Muses;

til next time………….happy snappy

– Julz

Tech Talk – ICE 10 Stop ND Filter – Review

I was looking around for a new ND filter, as I really was not happy with my Adjustable Circular ND Filter and I really didn’t want to pay out the really big bucks to get the filter systems that some photographers are using. I had found a few people who were recommending the ICE filter, so I thought I would check it out. When I saw it on Amazon priced for approx US$30, but I figured it pretty cheap………I could always get a Big Lee Stopper if it didn’t work. So I ordered it and waited for my package to arrive.

I was relieved to find a good quality filter and not cheap crap, as well as being able to put additional filters on as well. The overall quality seems very good, however I am only comparing what I know and not the big boys toys! Granted it only fits one lens, but it is easy to get on and off, and I will eventually order one to fit my other lens……….still at US$30 it is so much cheaper to buy 2 or more lenses than getting into some big, awkward kit. Perhaps in time I might go there, but for now I am really happy with ICE. It was so much better than my adjustable ND Filter, which I always seem to have trouble with. The images are great, not discolored, as I have heard others complain about with cheaper filters. I also found there was no vignetting as I had on my other filter, which I usually had to crop out of images.

Now to be honest I have really only used it a few times, as not long after it arrived I had an incident with the camera and the lens the filter fits, had to go off for repairs. But so far every shot has been flawless. I haven’t even tried it with my CL Polariser Filter added to it yet.

So in summary, if you are just toying with long exposures and want a good cheap ND Filter, give ICE Filters a go, they have other options (4,6 stops) and other lens sizes. However there does not seem to be anything smaller than a 62mm? I know I tried to get one for my kit lens 😦 …..step up/down rings it is (but THAT is a story for another day)

– Julz

Fabulous Fridays – What’s Old is New Again

On recent Magical Mystery trip Moth and I took around Melbourne we found this wonderful antique/junk shop in Hobson’s Bay. Moth and I love to wander around these fascinating glimpses into our past, the wonderful old junk people threw away 20 or 30 years ago (or more), are now all collectibles! I featured a trike from here on Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, and there are so many other delightful pics, which I doubt I will ever do anything with, but I figured they were worth their own post. I love looking at stuff and thinking back on childhood memories they bring up when you look at old Bakelite kitchenware, old Singer peddle sewing machines, Moth loves to look through the old tools and stuff. There are old trikes, and rocking horses, and Meat Safes, books, records, posters, surf boards, knitting needles and bobbins, spinning wheels and ladders……..the list is endless. I probably should not have had my camera, and hey, maybe my post &  images will help boost their sales? Although in my defense they were really expensive!

Hoping you all have a great weekend, travel safe and happy snapping

– Julz