Manic Mondays

Zenuba--2It is now officially Winter, so sad 😦 I personally prefer warmer weather, but the seasons turn none the less. I have just finished another hectic week of baby bumps, fairies, ballerinas, boisterous boys, mums and Zenuba-lovely gardens…….I am exhausted!! Also I had ordered new timber look lino for the studio floor (rather than cold concrete) and they promised to have in by last Thursday……some idiot forgot to order it, so it won’t be in til later this week 😦  So now I have a very busy week of editing all I shot last week, plus mucking around with flooring and stuff for the studio, sorry that’s my rant for this week. Should I name names???? I have used this company before, but this time around I have been stuffed around from the start. Maybe if it is not in this week I will definitely be having big rants and naming names lol.

So back on topic, most my shoots were in the studio, however I did manage to get out with some other ladies for a lovely shoot at the Australia Gardens in Cranbourne yesterday. The weather looked terrible, in fact it was pouring when I arrived, but we decided to have a coffee and see if it cleared, which it did. I only briefly went through the images, above is just a few, will post more soon. I will be getting out again this weekend coming up as well. I have been so busy in the studio and on the computer, it’s time to get outside and shoot some landscapes again, even if it is winter, normally I would hibernate and never come out of my den! I have learned that if there is enough will and inspiration (and warm clothes), cold can be overcome. At least I hope so, I have a night time shoot coming up soon; Astro-photography – I can’t wait.

I really want to do some more macro stuff and have another go at some water shots (like pouring water or liquid into a glass etc) did it a little while back, but now I have some more ideas I’d like to try. I finished conducting my Social Experiment and have a few posts coming up in the next week or so, as well as the One Photo Focus Challenge by Stacey Fischer, I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME on that one, but it was so much fun! I really do enjoy doing challenges, it gives me the courage to try new things, and to use everyday photos I may not normally have a use for. What is you favorite challenge?

I have been getting a bit more involved in some photography groups online, in the past I have been a little shy I guess and not willing to put foPark--2rward too many comments, I mean there are so many great photographers out there, what can I possibly add? But then I thought, NO! I have a voice, and I do know a fair bit, I can put in my 2 cents worth from time to time. I don’t claim to know all that much, but I have been getting a lot of experience with various elements, thanks to some marvelous teachers and the internet. Oh where would we be without the internet? Perhaps I can run a post of some Youtube Videos / websites I have found very helpful? I might look into that.  So don’t be afraid to join in the conversation, it can be a 2 way street and you never know who you might meet, or what you can learn from it yourself. You may even be able to help out someone else less experienced than yourself. And if nothing else you might find out some great spots to take some photos; I know I have. On that subject…………I have a wish list of spots I would like to photograph, I get ideas from other people’s photos, blogs and stuff I see occasionally on TV, or even just hear about in passing. I have been gradually ticking things off closer to home, hoping to branch out to further afield soon. Do you have a shooting list? Do you spend much time looking locally for those little gems? Or do you save it all up for travels far away?

So what’s on for this week? More challenges, as well as a shoot I did at another local Gardens with my new ND Filter, Finally explain about my Social Experiment and well as continuing with some more Victorian Lighthouses and Shipwrecks, this time from Queenscliff. Some pics and tales from yesterdays shoot at Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, and hopefully some more stuff from my smart phone camera! So apart from all that not much hehehehe.

So til next time………….happy snapping

– Julz