One Four Challenge- June Week 1

This Month for One Four Challenge by Robyn at Captivate Me, I thought I would attempt something very different. So Instead of landscapes, water, animals, lighthouse etc I would give Plants ago. Now I am not a big one for photographing flowers and stuff, but this is something I found while I was hunting around for stuff with my Macro Lens. Technically it’s not really a up close macro, but something interesting I found in the junk pile out the back. A forgotten discarded succulent in a broken old pot in front of some broken wooden palings. I have actually put the original in this week in case the processed is a little confusing. Also I have gone back to completely using Photoshop, old school on this one. No quickie filters in Lightroom, just lots of little adjustments and layers and curve adjustments and gradient fills, using the good old brush and pen and giving the tablet a good work out. A very artsy collaboration, oh and I cropped it.

June OFC-Here is the original

June OFC-7