Tuesday Tales from the Shoot – Reflectors and Rain

Jordan-On the weekend I did a shoot with a darling little girl, we did ballerinas and fairies and played dress ups, danced and had a lot of fun. She was a very sweet little girl. She also taught me something about using reflectors when shooting in the studio, as you have probably noticed from the pic above, Little Miss has gorgeous corn rows (I did not know what they were called either!) and caramel colored skin. I must admit so far I have only photographed fair skinned models and have always used a gold reflector to warm up the skin a little, I found silver or white makes them look too pale. Darker skin and gold reflectors is not good! Poor Little Miss (& poor me), it turned her bright yellow and I had to adjust the yellow in every photo. I should have used silver or apparently you can use a black reflector to remove some highlight for a more natural, even skin tone. I never knew that. We live and learn, so now I know for next time – fair skin gold reflector, darker skin silver or black reflector (and a little extra lighting).


On Sunday I went to Australia Gardens in Cranbourne with some other ladies from Social Snappers and Meet Up. The weather was bright and sunny in the morning, but was supposed to turn stormy with rain and hail stones, that afternoon. A few messages back and forth and some of us thought we would still risk it. So I arrived in glorious sunshine, drove from my place 15 minutes away and watched as the storm clouds gathered over Cranbourne, as I pulled into the car park the skies opened and the rain came down – typical I thought. The first day I get outside to shoot all week and it rains. So we all waited in the cafe, had a coffee and a chat and waited to see if the skies would clear. Many people had by now left the gardens, giving up for the afternoon. We chatted and drank and waited for about 30 minutes, and then the sun came out again.

We had a wonderful afternoon, the clouds moved off and left blue sky and sunshine, all the plants were bright with water droplets and the wind wasn’t too cold (I was however rugged up with gloves, woollen hat, coats and more!). There was an added bonus, due to the rain and most people leaving, we virtually had the gardens to ourselves! So sometimes if you wait, good things do happen! We had a wonderful afternoon, wandering, looking at interesting plants and flowers, taking photos, we tried our hand at some time lapse (Sorry, I have the pics, but have not had a chance to put it all together………..maybe next week). I also had another practice with my new ND Filter. Will post more images soon.

Anyway til next time…………..happy snapping

– Julz