OWPC – Dry

owpc-logo-21So this week’s One Word Photo Challenge by Jennifer Nichole Wells, is Dry.

Each week we take a word that depicts a certain element of weather or season and take a photo depicting the actual weather, how it makes us feel, what we associate with that weather etc. For what ever reason I seem to be drawn to water, not so much rain, but beaches, rivers, lakes etc. I don’t seem to have too many ‘dry’ photos, apart from perhaps a dry martini? So as i scoured through my archives I remembered a spot in new Zealand out on the Canterbury Plains called Mount Sunday and Mount Potts. They were in the middle of a drought and the rivers were almost non existent, our 4X4 drive took us over mainly dry river beds, and the grass for miles was brown and crackling. This whole valley was usually filled with rivers and creeks and running off into the main river. The grey areas, are mostly gravel rock, as in the first picture, with very little water. In fact the week we were there there was a huge grass fire. So here are my dry pics

Mount Sunday