This ‘n’ That – Creating a Home Studio Set Up

OK, so as I write this I currently do not have my new lino floor……….getting mad here! Anyway soldering on, I had to resort (again) to plastic drop sheets and white sheets for flooring on the studio floor. Now when I say Studio it is a broad and loose term, it is really my garage, which I convert into a studio for my weekend shoots. It is not permanently set up, I wish it was, but alas! The home gym no one every uses has been on Ebay for the last few weeks, but sadly no takers as yet. Once that is gone I will have so much more room. All my backdrops, stands, lights, reflectors all have to be packed up in suitcases, boxes and bags to A) keep the dust off them B) Keep them out of everyone’s way in the garage.  Moth has kindly put up more shelving in the back corner where I can store stuff up off the floor and I have drop clothes covering them to help again with the dust and dirt and make it all look a bit neater. If my clients are a little stunned or put off they have never said anything, and when they get the final photos, I think it is all forgotten.

s-l140 (1)So what is in my garage/ studio? Well hopefully very soon an aged, lime washed timber look alike lino floor, I also have a backdrop rigg, totally portable and light weight, easy to set up and take down. The only down fall is it is perhaps a bit too light and easily knocked over………..sand bags stop that! Check out things like Cowboy Photographics etc on Ebay……’d be amazed what you can find. I have a few different backdrops as well. The black and white ones that came with the frame are next to useless, but add some black and white sheets, some off cut material, some especially bought material; I had a old fashioned B&W moustache material sewed into a backdrop, I have grey camouflage, some prints with neutral colors and words of inspiration. I have sheer drapes (picked up on special) in pink and white to add a softness to certain shoots (especially great for us girls).


The Girls-6-2


$T2eC16JHJHkFFl7gHq5QBSe,LgGRwQ--60_12Now with lights, I also brought them online, I went for umbrella lights, mainly due to cost, but also I had heard that softboxes are just that, soft and stronger lights are needed in conjunction with that. I am on a tight budget, with limited room, so I went for white translucent and black/silver reflector umbrellas and stands. Unfortunately did not come with carry bag, so I keep it all in the box it came in, along with extension cord and power board!

s-l140I guess the next things is a reflector, now I do not always use this, but I have a 5 way reflector and a rig and stand to hold it in place for me. It acts as my assistant :-).

So that’s the basic set, plus my tripod and camera. I usually use a remote trigger on my camera, but not always.

$_12When it comes to accessories and added extras, well there is Opportunity Shops, Ebay, and don’y forget family and friends. I have been given some amazing items, old suit cases, bags, hats, boxes, blankets, dress ups, shoes, tiaras, flowers, headbands and costumes. I have also picked up some stuff really cheap on ebay including backdrops for $0.99c and $1.50 tutus!

So that is my Studio, I wish it was a bit more glamorous, but when it is only used a few hours on weekends and currently not every weekend, it is still just where I park my car! But with a little bit of effort, confidence and a little bit of imagination – it works!

Until next time, happy snapping

– Julz