Tales from the Shoot – Groovy, Baby, Groovy

Groovy--8OK so last week I wrote about my Social Experiment on Facebook, for which I was contacted by a lovely lady named Jennie. We messaged back and forth a few times and agreed to meet up at the Wilson Botanical Park, somewhere local and public……I mean you just never know do you? Anyway during our correspondence we decided to do a 1960’s vibed shoot, so channeling Austin Powers and Jennie’s amazing dress (she also arranged her own hair and make up) we did some 60’s styled poses, which I had researched on the net. Now the incredible thing with this shoot was that Jennie is an actual model, having access to a real model, who knew how to pose, facial expressions, where and how to place hands etc was a great experience. Usually most people sit awkwardly and make some posed shots look unnatural……..Jennie made everything look easy and natural. I used a CL polarization filter, which really made the colors in her dress and shoes POP, add that to the soft muted late afternoon autumn sunlight, and the color in the foliage, it all became a magical wonderland of color and sight. We were watched by everyone who went past, but I quickly learned to ignore them, Jennie was my only focus. I would step back from the camera to move to another spot and suddenly find a whole raft of people standing behind me, my lovely model took it all in her stride. Apparently we were quite the spectacle on a sunny Autumn afternoon in the park, and Jennie sure stood out in that dress………not to mention she is really tall!

All too soon it was over, I could not take up too much of her time, as she had graciously volunteered to do it all for free plus a few head shots. So if you are looking for fresh faces to do portrait shots, consider offering a few sessions on Facebook, for me it was amazing exposure and it created some more work; just please be very careful. So I hope you enjoy some images from our Groovy Shoot!

Until next time, happy snapping and safe travels

– Julz