Winter Outings – Australian Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

Weekend before last I went to The Australia Gardens or Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne with some other photographers. It was pouring with rain when I arrived, but after we had a cuppa and waited to see if it would clear up, it finally did. So if you have never been it was wonderful, it little cold. I have been in Summer, a few years ago and now winter. I must go in spring, when all the Australian wild flowers would be in bloom………oh the colors must be glorious.


I also tried my hand at some time lapse photography……..all that effort for very little I’m afraid, I was trying to upload it, but I have never done a video on the blog before and it doesn’t was to seem to load?

Well I’ll leave the link there, it may or may not work, but the whole video is like 2 seconds long hehehe. Will have to try again one day. Anyway here are some pics.

Until next time, Happy Snapping………..

– Julz