This ‘n’ That – Making Ripples & Reflections

So last week and earlier this week I made mention of some Photoshop composition fantasy pictures I was creating and having a few issues with, Fairies in the Garden. I did get some input from a few people, for that I thank you. But it still did not solve my problems. So I went on the hunt………..isn’t the internet and in particular YouTube just great? Anyway I found a few great tutorials on how to add realistic reflections and ripples in water…….and even add the water if necessary!

  1. The first and I think the most helpful was from Blue Lightning TV, excellent instruction and step by step video, for not only adding water, but reflection and ripples as well.
  2. The next is by OrealHD, no audio, but a very good step by step video on How to Create Water Ripple Wave Effect in Photoshop.
  3. The next is a link to for some terrific other water effects and some brushes and stuff to download, used in their tutorials.

Moon Fairy-CompSo hopefully you will find them interesting and informative, I could have created my own, but hey they were already done! These are my final images. I am much happier with them now!

– Julz