Fuzzy Concepts

“Nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept”

– Ansell Adams

Like most artistic types, I am a bit of a day dreamer, it just seems to be part of the stock in trade. We envision many things, well I know I do. Sometimes I am looking for the next big thing to shoot, whether it is a particular portrait sitting, or a nature or landscape spot. I look at other people’s photos and wander what I could do differently, not necessarily better, just a little different. I have grand plans for somethings I just never seem to getting around to doing, I guess I am probably not alone there. Maybe it is just a foible of mine, but I seem to have so many ideas running around my head, I can’t sleep at night, I create shooting lists, and then I just keep adding to them, they never get smaller, I seldom cross things off, I just make notes to re visit.

Then there is the failures, when you finally do get a chance to try, these hurt too sometimes. You make something so big in your head it simply can’t fail. You get to your destined spot and it’s raining or brilliant sunshine, or something is not open to the public, or a dozen other little issues. You shoot anyway, thinking it’s not exactly what you want. That One Day you’ll come back and try again, but there are so many places on your list, this seldom happens, due to time or financial constraints.

Then there are the fuzzy concepts, I think Ansell Adams is a little off here, fuzzy concepts can expand into grand adventures and amazing images. Take our magical mystery tours that Moth and I do from time to time, we have a certain destination in mind, but not set in stone and we get in the car and drive. Never have I walked away from one of our adventures, thinking that was a complete waste of time. I have found so many great spots, we never even knew existed. Just the other day we were in Port Melbourne, he said I have never turned right at the end of this street! So we turned right and found a little place called Beacon Cove, WOW! Great spot, at the end of Beacon Vista (main thorough fare) and just down the boardwalk a little, is Princes Pier………wow, wow, wow…………I have to go back with an ND Filter and a tripod, the end of the jetty, under the jetty, by the side of the jetty. I want to go at sunset and night and shoot with the reflections and lights. I have fallen in love with this place and it is not that far, not really. I can see myself on a balmy summer evening setting up my tripod and happily snapping away. I WILL BE BACK, of this I have no doubt, of when I am unsure 🙂 . There is even Beacons or Baby Lighthouses as it were………just one more post for my lighthouses series, before I run out!.

So don’t hide from a fuzzy concept it, embrace it, nurture it and see what it grows into and where it will take you, you might be nicely surprised.

These are a few images from Beacon Cove and Princes Pier, there is even a few taken by Moth…….sorry still has my watermark; I edited them all! :-)…………maybe I should create Moth his own?

Until next time………..happy snapping

– Julz