More than just Fuzzy Concepts

This morning I posted a entry entitled Fuzzy Concepts (sorry to alarm you, but sometimes I write things and schedule the post for a certain day and time), I thought at the time that some of the images were a little hazy on the edges, probably just me and being a little bit tired. Are they slightly grainy? There are a few which are perfectly in focus and then a few that are not? Then I started editing images from a portrait shoot and noticed the same thing…..some a just a touch fuzzy in spots, a little grainy? OH NO!!!!!

Lets take a step back to when the images were taken of Princes Pier, now I mentioned that Moth took some of the images, what I didn’t mention was the drama that unfolded just BEFORE he took them! I was standing on top of Princes Pier, he was standing below, checking out if we could get under, which he said we could. Now Moth has slowly been taking more and more images, still on Auto, but he is no longer terrified of the camera. So he said he could take the shot, while I scouted ahead, I handed him the camera under the safety rail………which he then promptly dropped in the sand. I think I had a mild form of stroke/heart attack on the spot, I could not breathe, could not blink, could not move! Eventually my wits came back and I snatched the camera off him. I checked it out brushed it off and took a few pics. MY GOD it all seemed to be OK, after I growled at him some more, we moved on and I didn’t give it another thought.

OK so it's not THIS bad, but my heart hurts!!
OK so it’s not THIS bad, but my heart hurts!!

Now several days later and I am editing everything from the weekend, I start to notice a few strange things from before and after the ‘incident’. Maybe it is just the lens (not that it helps I think I paid more for the lens than the camera!), so I tried another lens, same thing, marginally better? Maybe? In strong bright light, the images seem OK, but if the light is a little dull, they are hazy and grainy…………..I have never had this issue before. I make a few phone calls, apparently I could have knocked the lens out of alignment, or knocked the sensor, or got a grain of sand wedged in the case? OH DEAR GOD, NOT THE NIKON!!!!!! In all fairness I gave the camera a nasty jarring bump a few months ago, but it was fine then, but maybe the second time was too much?

So now, I am going to have to find a repairer I can trust, and send it away for a few weeks, and pay who knows what to get it all fixed, if it’s fixable? It may be an insurance job and a new camera? Not a happy camper here :-(. I haven’t even had it a year yet!

Looks like I’ll be posting light, slightly blurry images and pics from my Smart Phone for the next few weeks! Or I drag out the Olympus from retirement again?

I’ll keep you all posted on the patient, here’s hoping it’s not terminal.

– Julz (with a heavy heart) 😦