Manic Mondays

Well today should be more of a Depressed Monday, than a Manic Monday. With my beloved camera going off for repairs, I had a fairly quiet week, as I had to cancel most of my shoots. However on a happier note; Moth got me a new camera – a better camera! So now I am madly trying to learn my new camera. Once my other camera is repaired (hopefully) Moth can have that one all for himself and I will teach him how to shoot off auto. 🙂

Astro_2-7-2So I guess I can concentrate on some artistic endeavors in the editing process, I have so many images I took from the last long weekend, that should see me out for a little while (I hope). I did a Night time Astro Photography shoot, on Saturday Night……..more on this tomorrow. I have more Lighthouse Posts, as well as a few other Winter Outings, that Moth and I have been on. It was very interesting, and I love some of the photos I have so far. I will leave you with a few shots from Saturday Night.    Astro_2-7-3

Hopefully you all have a great week

– Julz