Winter Outings – William Ricketts Sanctuary

Situated in a ferny glade in the Dandenongs, William Ricketts Sanctuary is a place of beauty and tranquility, due both to the natural setting and the mystical sculptures half hidden among ferns along the pathways. It is a place for quiet reflection and for contemplation of the essence of the vision of William Ricketts, With 92 sculptures of people and animals to explore in their magnificent natural surroundings.

I went with a new group of People I met up with from Meet Up, it was a little chilly, but a fabulous afternoon, wandering around the tracks and pathways, finding new statues, plants, fungi and other fascinating things at each turn. We followed up with a well deserved hot coffee in Olinda at one of the many cafes.

Sorry there are so many, and this is just a few! Do yourself a favor if you are ever in Melbourne, go visit the Dandenongs, there is always something to see and do, any time of the year!

– Julz