Is It Bad form?

Just a quick note, for a little bit of blog advice. I currently run my own personal Blog……this one, it is for my own personal, as well as business (photography) posts. What most of you do not realise (and this is not by chance), is that I also run a corporate/ business blog for the company I Β work for. The funny thing is I have more followers and traffic on my personal blog than my business blog. Β Maybe because i have more say and more interest.

I just wander from time to time, if I should give it a plug……….or is that just bad Form and keep the two completely separate?For people living in Australia, there may be items of some interest, just not photography stuff. Frankly I feel guilty for spending so much time on this blog and not the other one lol.

So please is it bad form to give a company blog a post or is it OK?

– Julz