Water Drops – Xanthan Gum – help required!

I have been saying for a while that I wanted to have another try at doing water droplets. I saw this Water Droplets Video and thought I would give it a go, I just had to find this miraculous  Xanthan Gum…….actually that took awhile, as I could not seem to find it at any local supermarkets, whether in the health food section nor the baking section. Finally found it at a health food store, unfortunately it was a fairly largish bag! It appears I now have enough to last me, well for ever!

Now don’t get me wrong, the video does not state that it is easy, actually it appears fairly complicated, but I thought I would give it a go………………it was a complete bust. I could not get Xanthan Gum to completely dissolve, it just became a gelatinous goop, which I strained and then scooped out. The remaining water was no thicker? It did not form droplets, just ran everywhere, I tried dripping it onto flowers, leaves etc nothing……….I tried ‘bouncing’ it into a full glass, no different from normal water. I think I need to add more gum? The Arty Photos on Macro I posted here, were actually the end result, cool images; just no water droplets.

If anyone knows a better method or way of filming these water droplets, and I am more interested in perhaps it looking like rain drops on flowers than water bouncing, like in the images below. Please let me know. I really want to try but am struggling to make the right consistency without making it opaque. and I do not want to color it again either 😦

water-drop-on-flower-petal-wallpaper Red-gerbera-petals-water-drops_1920x1080

Images courtesy Google Images

Well, til next time, happy snapping

– Julz