Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge – B&W Simplicity of Design

Sally D’s latest Phoneography Challenge is B&W Simplicity in Design. As per usual I have gone for something a little left of field. These donuts we had in the lunch room at work, to celebrate someone’s birthday (we don’t do cake – I can’t even remember why?). Have you even seen HOW a big complex like Krispy Kreme make their donuts? It is quite complex, yet very simplistic. Β Donut mixture goes in…………it gets cooked in oil, flipped, cooked again and then it is all done in it’s yummy goodness………or is that badness? This image was snapped before I was caught (NO! I would never sneak in and steal a donut, just the picture!) And then I ran it through my SketchGuru App on my Android Smart Phone.

wpid-sketchguru_20150618144403.jpgThis is the gym in my garage that no one ever uses, but I probably should after the donuts! Also incredibly simplistic in design.

wpid-sketchguru_20150618144729.jpgDid I mention, that I really like this SketchGuru App? I can make wonderfully realistic drawings from photos on my Smart Phone.

– Julz