Sally D’s Phoneography Challenge – B&W Simplicity of Design

Sally D’s latest Phoneography Challenge is B&W Simplicity in Design. As per usual I have gone for something a little left of field. These donuts we had in the lunch room at work, to celebrate someone’s birthday (we don’t do cake – I can’t even remember why?). Have you even seen HOW a big complex like Krispy Kreme make their donuts? It is quite complex, yet very simplistic.  Donut mixture goes in…………it gets cooked in oil, flipped, cooked again and then it is all done in it’s yummy goodness………or is that badness? This image was snapped before I was caught (NO! I would never sneak in and steal a donut, just the picture!) And then I ran it through my SketchGuru App on my Android Smart Phone.

wpid-sketchguru_20150618144403.jpgThis is the gym in my garage that no one ever uses, but I probably should after the donuts! Also incredibly simplistic in design.

wpid-sketchguru_20150618144729.jpgDid I mention, that I really like this SketchGuru App? I can make wonderfully realistic drawings from photos on my Smart Phone.

– Julz