Manic Mondays

Brighton Bathing Boxes-3-3Well what can I say….it’s Monday again, and we are over halfway through June. A very quiet weekend, as I had already cancelled/ postponed all my shoots, I thought instead of stuffing everyone around I would just spend some time with family and friends. I did tinker around with my new camera, I am still to really put it through it’s paces. At home there is always plenty to do, occasionally the cleaning fairies visit (aka my daughters decide to be really nice), alas, it does not happen very often. So boring old menial labor of the washing, cooking, cleaning for me, however the weather so just so glorious for Winter, I could not help myself and I got out and about a little bit, this time I went to the Brighton Beach area, mind you I think a lot of Melbourne’s population decided to go too, OH and don’t forget the tourists!

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I guess my big excitement for this week, is I have been booked for a wedding shoot in October, all very exciting. Added bonus – Bride does not want the normal, posed, formal shots (well not very many of them). You know that really cool wedding photo of the T-Rex chasing the Bridal party? Well the Bride and Groom want to re create this……so that should make life interesting. So now my mind is in overdrive coming up with fun and different ways to pose the Bridal Party and extended families…………it’s a big wedding. it will also be a garden wedding, so that should be nice. I always prefer a nice garden wedding. I have also been booked for an Engagement shoot, which will be nice. I guess LOVE is in the air 🙂

The week ahead is also a quiet one, I think things are finally quieting down for Winter, a few shoots here and there. I might get a bit more time for my own thing I guess. Still no word as yet on the repairs for my camera, they did say a week or so before they get back to me with the damage. I really do miss my big lens and new ND Filter.

Side street in Williamstown

This week I am bringing out some post, images, challenges etc centered on our Day out at Williamstown, Moth and I spent a lovely day exploring Williamstown and Port Melbourne, finding places we did not know even existed, and of course taking lots of photos. This also wraps up the final Lighthouses in Port Phillip Bay, and I will have to find something else to cover, until I can do a run down The Great Ocean Road, later in the year. Perhaps Waterfalls? I have posted images of waterfalls, but never really gone into any detail of where they are and any information about them. Let me know if this is of interest, as there are a lot of waterfalls close to home and while there is Winter, there is usually water, making waterfalls all the more fabulous!

I have been working on some more kids projects for Portraits, this time with a more Ocean theme (I know, what is it with me and water?), and something for Boys as well. Pirates and Mermaids, bringing out my artistic non camera side on this one, as the weather has not been very nice, so it is good to work inside sometimes. I will hopefully have them finished soon, get in some models and post some images in the next few weeks. But more on this later.

Apart from all this, I have actually been getting really busy with my day job – yes I still work 9-5 as well! We are looking at doing a re vamp and re branding of sorts, which involves, more work for everyone, especially me. Yes it means I get to have more artistic input and get creative, but I find it is easier to do this on my on endeavors. I only have to answer to me and my own ideas, when you have to work to someone else’s ideas (especially when they don’t know what they want) is a pain. But that is enough of that.

Not much as to say really, apart from I hope you have a great week, happy snapping

– Julz