Tales from the Shoot – St James Church

St Joseph's Church-6I am not a church goer, in fact I am an Atheist, however I do have a fondness for really beautiful old buildings, and in particular old churches, St. James Church in Brighton, VIC was among them. I have not been down that way for quite some time, and on a recent trip we drove past this beautiful old church and I suddenly remember some horrible news from a little while backΒ that this lovely heritage listed building was set alight on March 30th, 2015, and to see the state that the church is currently in, gave me a lump in my throat.

Built in 1892 and then Heritage Listed in 1984, this was truly a lovely old building, with many historic items, including the church bells, and organ. There is more information about the Background behind the Church and it’s Saint can be found on their website, however I do not think it has been updated for quite some time. I do not have any images from before the fire, so these are from Google images.

According to reports it was set alight due to this whole pedophile scandal going on, I am not going to go into any of that, I have opinions, but no real information, so I feel cannot add to this debate, apart from the fact that it is horrible. And while I can perhaps understand the reason for this act, I cannot fathom destroying such a beautiful property, nor putting the lives of fire crews at risk, not to mention nearby homes and residents. The loss of the Church bells and Organ are such a shame as well as the building itself. I am not sure of any plans to re build at this stage.

Anyway, so back to us…………we decided to pull up and have a good look around, everywhere I looked was devastation, it actually changed the areas landscape and views. The Fire Brigade did a wonderful job, no other buildings, nor the school seem to have sustained any damaged, purely the church. This would have been a Photographers dream for weddings, with this magnificent building, inside and out, as well as the gorgeous Kamesburgh Gardens nearby.

Even in the state that this building is in, there is still glimpses of beauty in the decay and destruction.

– Julz