OWPC – Hurricane

owpc-logo-21This week’s Weather Alert from Jennifer Nichole Wells is for Hurricanes (Just kidding it’s this week’s weather theme). I saw this caravan, and in the back of my mind I kept thinking about The Wizard of Oz and how that storms (Although I think they were tornados more than Hurricanes) picked up houses and stuff and just dropped them. We don’t really get Tornados much in this part of the world, our Hurricanes are called Cyclones, as they spin in  a different direction (or something like that). But the devastation is fairly similar. I have no idea what happened to this caravan, but it is a sad fate none the less…………oh and a photographers dream! With the dramatic storm clouds behind and the water all over the ground with reflections……..it looks like it got hit by a hurricane.Hobsons Bay-Til next week, stay safe and happy snapping

– Julz